What’s your Victim Story?

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In my last post I gave a difficult scenario for some people to understand.

The radical part of forgiveness is that in the end, nothing wrong ever happened. Our soul wanted the experiences to learn, heal and grow from.

In looking at this from our human perspective it’s not easy to understand and judgement can comes up. “I would be just fine if ‘________’ didn’t do ‘_________’ to me.”

A story forms from these judgments and it gets bigger over time if it’s not resolved. We call it a ‘victim story’.  Someone did something wrong to me, (I’m a victim).

This is what we do as humans, we have painful experiences, some worse than others, but all result in making us the victim. We learn from some of them and other times we keep repeating the same patterns not realizing each time we are being given an opportunity to heal the past which does not serve us anymore.

There are many forms of technology to complete the Radical Forgiveness process. It can be a workshop, the 13 Steps, the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet or the Ceremony. All of them are fairly easy and designed to bring you through the 5 stages of Radical Forgiveness.

Let’s discuss Stage 1, which is usually a pretty easy stage for most, telling our victim story. We get to confront that ‘no good’ person who screwed up our life! (without ever letting them know)

What's your victim story-

In this stage we tell our story to a compassionate listener who honours it to be our truth as we see it in that moment.  We might be our own listener if we are doing a worksheet.

Letting go of our pain can only occur if we have had our story heard and witnessed. Owning our story completely from our victim point of view, with no excuses for the perpetrator, can be given during this stage. This is where we get it all out once and for all and say what we may have never said before. No holding back!

We need to start from the beginning so we can begin to feel some of the pain around the situation, where our energy is blocked. This leads us to the next stage, Feeling the Feelings, which I will go into more details next time.

Do you want to heal painful situation, a hurtful relationship or a past trauma that keeps coming up in your life? I invite you to have a compassionate call with me to see if the tools of Radical Forgiveness can help you unblock stuck energy, feel lighter and at peace overall. Contact me and we can set up a convenient time.



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