Our Purposeful Journey

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My Purposeful Journey

I was a very shy child and concerned with what others thought of me. This concern turned into a fear of putting myself out there, and living a life that was true to me.

Looking back, I can see where these beliefs and this story began to take shape. For my own journey it began with no father in the picture.

I’m Not Good Enough

is the belief that instilled on me, and I know I am not the only one with this belief deeply ingrained from an early age. To move past this first hurdle I overcame with forgiveness, acceptance and love and truthfully I still work on these things. Throughout my life this theme continued as I have never felt like part of the crowd, so in my teenage years this self-sabotaging behavior showed up as ‘lots of trouble’ including two arrests at 13, just to try and feel like I was a part of the crowd and fit in somewhere. This lifestyle shook me so much that after the arrests I swung to the complete other side and moved from a place of rebellion to one of extreme safety – and wanting to keep everyone happy.


I kept the same boyfriend for 6 years just to feel stability, as the years went on I was drawing myself further from who I truly am and further protecting myself from society. I eventually broke up with that ‘stable’ boyfriend as I ventured out into the world. By fate I met (my now) husband, and he was a refreshing change. He never cared what others thought and was kind and sweet and funny. I then moved my protective shell slightly larger to include him as well as our two children shortly after.


My main focus at that time was my family and being as supportive towards them as I possibly could. There was no need for boundaries or limits to what I would do – I have to be liked, to feel good enough, and the thought of being myself and going after what I wanted or putting myself first didn’t even enter my mind. I showed this same pattern in my career, always playing an assistant role, the fixer, the organizer, the one who brings people together and takes care of everything. I was always the one to organize family gatherings, always helping others to the point that I did not have boundaries and was taken advantage of.

The Fixer

It took many years before I finally hit my breaking point. I was giving out so much, but not allowing myself to receive any. Not taking care of myself, I was an afterthought. I felt like I had to do it all, that no one else would do it, or if they did it would cause them pain or they would do it wrong and then I’d have to fix it.

Everyone counted on me and I felt like that was my job, to handle it ALL.

Life was happening ‘to me’ I was allowing myself to travel in a direction that I didn’t even notice was breaking me down. I didn’t even really have an identity, a sense of myself – I was a helper, fixer and supporter. I would rarely allow myself to have what I wanted or even allow myself to consider what I wanted – it never occurred to me, or if it did, was quickly brushed aside.

It was during all of this that I began to feel a pull towards the spiritual side, but denied that part of myself. Again, I did not want to be judged and felt awkward that I had this interest and wasn’t sure how to talk about it.

Beginning of the Breaking Point

After a tragic accident that affected my immediate family, I found myself taking on EVEN more of a supportive role, and because the tragedy was emotionally draining on my daughter I found myself jumping in to fix every little thing without regard for how I was doing. This was the beginning of my wake up call – after years of becoming more and more of a people pleaser, it finally culminated in a panic attack while I was driving. It started to become clear to me that if I didn’t do something for MYSELF I was going to be the one who ended up in the hospital.

My body was even trying to get the message across to me through various aches, pains and other bodily warning signs that I eventually found hard to ignore. My body was screaming at me, but it wasn’t until the panic attack that I finally opened my eyes and allowed myself to see it for what it was – time to reconnect with myself and look within, deep within.

Finally dodging a cancer scare was enough to shake me up and wake me up. It propelled me into my personal development journey and for that I am grateful.

The Wake Up

I started to ask the really tough questions:

What was the meaning of my life and what do I want from it?
What makes me happy?

I began realizing that I wasn’t stepping into my power, and I wasn’t really using my voice at all.

Slowly I started learning more about myself, learning more about where my fears were coming from, examining my past and doing a lot of forgiveness work on what I was finding to undo the repressed emotions that I had been so used to pushing down.

Lorree Appleby

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​Self Love

Lorree Appleby

Doing the inner work allowed me to let go of the hurt and pain from the past, even towards those that I no longer have a relationship with. I was also able to begin the process of forgiving myself.

The realization of what I really thought about myself, and that I was my own worst enemy, was true.

I was then able to experience the power of self-love, and began to make conscious choices that honoured me, and prioritized my needs first.

These choices were little things that all added up to major life changes. It was only after some time practicing, that I have been able to go after the things I want, doing it my way; knowing my intentions come from my core values.

I am now able to focus on what means the most to me on a personal level, without feeling like I am taking away from my family and friends – knowing that as I allow myself to engage and enjoy my own passions and shine my light, I help to uplift and inspire those around me by example.

The more I express my truths, and connect with others through these values the more energized and passionate I become, and the more I want to reach others with my message.

The more I continue to look within and heal the past, the more I am able to fully enjoy life, and the more positive surprises I am presented with.


Without even trying, my own personal life changes positively affect others around me by uplifting them from an energetic level, as opposed to trying to be the ‘fixer’ like I used to be. I help others from a place of love for myself that extends out to them.

I am on my purpose path to help others open, follow and lead with their hearts by shifting their limiting beliefs about themselves so they can raise their consciousness and shine their unique lights bright.

I am a certified Radical Living Master Coach, Workshop & Ceremony Facilitator, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, Universal Spheres™ Practitioner, certified Inspirational Speaker, Author and Creator of the intuitive, self-care game Soul Adventure™ – Journey to the Real Me.

I would love to connect with you, hear about your journey and how I can support you in living a life that feels good and is in alignment with who you truly are.


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We will have a no-pressure conversation to explore how you can heal the past, claim your personal power in the present and create your future the way you want it to be, complimentary.

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