How can Forgiveness be so Radical?

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I know a way to look at your otherwise crappy situation radically. I know how you can feel peace around it.

It’s a great feeling, and it’s easy and quick…. if you want to go there. Some people like staying in their situation. (aka their victim story) That’s where they feel comfortable. It’s what they know. But eventually it can get old. We know there’s more to life, and we want it, but how?

Radical Forgiveness was created by Colin Tipping over 20 years ago. It has evolved into Radical Living which entails other radical perceptions and tools to empower you and create your life. In all the areas the concept stays the same, and yes, it might be hard for your human mind to believe. But it works.

To understand Radical Forgiveness you first need to understand traditional forgiveness.

A simple example of traditional forgiveness is ‘someone did something wrong to me’. To forgive them I have to accept what they did and try my best to forget. But seriously do we every forget? No!

We may try to forgive and think it doesn’t bother us any longer but it’s off balance with our logic, and when it’s serious stuff to get over it’s almost impossible!  They did something wrong! They are condemned in our logical mind. 

We want to get past it, we try but our feelings were hurt, the trust was broken. Over time it fades but it’s still there, deep down, draining our energy.

We can lose faith in people, family, friends, and society. We can even become depressed, powerless or toxic. It eventually seeps into our physically body creating illness and disease.

How can Forgiveness be so radical-

Then comes Radical Forgiveness. We look at the situation as something our soul wanted to experience for some karmic reason we will probably never understand. And our soul may have even enlisted other souls to help out with the mission.

We take the logic out of it all together.

Yes, I said it, nothing was wrong! No forgiveness needed. I know, it sounds a bit crazy but I can tell you for certain you don’t have to believe it, you only need willingness to accept the concept as a possibility.

Even with non-believers, (like most of us), it works and there is usually instant peace and calm around the situation.  By just being willing, your higher self connects to your Spiritual Intelligence and skips your subconscious mind before it has a chance to react. The blocked energy pattern is released. Hurt feelings dissipate, problems disappear, hearts heal.

Imagine… you can resolve major upsets and wrong doings, stop hanging on to resentment, rage and anger. All gone.

You may be thinking you are just trading one ‘story’ for another, and you would be right. But wouldn’t you rather live in the story which brings peace and happiness to your life?

Want to know more? Let’s talk to see if you’re ready to let go, surrender to peace and connect with who you truly are.



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