Our Purposeful Journey

Live Radically with Lorree Appleby

Consciously Creating from the Heart

In order to be happy and healthy we must heal our energetic hearts from the lifetimes of psychological, emotional and physical trauma passed down to us through the generations. Add a toxic patriarchal society molding us to be addicted to consuming and being constantly entertained (distracted) by instant gratification and no wonder we compare our inner self to others outer self, which is NOT a true reflection.

I believe it is our purposeful journey to open, follow and lead with our hearts so we can embrace heart-centred living which is the world we are creating, a world based on radical self-love through radical resonsibility and radical healing.

We are being called to release the past and the stories that held them in place, and it must be for ourselves first. In doing the inner work we all benefit as we each affect the whole into oneness.

What rulebooks do you subscribe to that keep you stuck in your cycles of unhealthy patterns? We form these belief systems unconsciously and we often feel separate and alone in our pain, this is when our heart puts up barriers and closes off to protect itself.

Opening Your Heart

Opening Your Heart

In doing the Radical Healing work we become aware of our trauma response patterns that hold us down in shame, guilt, anger and resentment. As we heal and open our heart we make space for a new story, the one based on the truth of who we are, perfectly imperfect beings on a journey from fear to love.

When we can practice being with our feelings and learning healthy ways to move them through our body and release we are regulating our bodies back to our natural state of homeostasis.

This is the foundation of being vulnerable enough to want to heal our hearts and expand into love. It’s going to get messy, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Follow Your Heart

Following Your Heart

Being present and preserving our newly found peaceful states happens when we return to our breath, listen to our intuition, self-reflect and follow the ebbs and flows of life while taking time to go within daily.

Radical self-love is listening to our body and giving ourselves what we need, without identifying with it.  This practice supports our nervous systems to come back into alignment from all the built up stress we have endured over the years.

All of our answers are within us, following our heart in curiosity allows us to learn to trust ourselves and know we are always supported by the Divine.

Leading with Your Heart

Leading From Your Heart

Let’s be honest and address the elephant in the room. There’s a lot of separation and pain happening in the world, situations are rising to the extremes and in order to stay out of the fear which can suck us in, we need self-leadership to create a new direction and movement to healing our hearts.

Are you willing to look deep within, and answer the call to take radical responsibility for how you show up every day?

It’s not about being perfect, but rather about being in conscious awareness, so we can continue to practice being in alignment with our real sense self, a divine loving being, rather than be controlled by our false sense of self and the many fears that goes along with it.

This means knowing our values and living by them, setting healthy boundaries even though it’s uncomfortable, and taking the lead on healing our relationships, breaking the cycles and helping lift one another as we rise into our personal power of love and sovereignty.

Is your soul calling you to take action?

We are in the shift of awakening from victimhood into conscious creators.

I am here to be the change I want to see in the world and serve and support others to remember their divinity so collectively we can expand into peace, love, and acceptance.

If you’re ready to get radical with your life, let’s chat.

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