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Radical Living Video Coaching

Email Video Coaching Series:

Freedom to Be the Real Me by Living a Radical Life!

These short 2 minute videos are the foundation to receive clarity, be empowered and feel in control of your life and moving towards how you desire it to be. Join us and let’s get Radical with life!

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From Judgment to the Power of Peace

4-Part Mini Training with Downloadable Worksheet

Shift from Judgment to Peace in 4 Simple Steps

Are you judging yourself for having strong judgments about someone else, and you just can’t let it go?

Do you long to feel confident being your real self where you love your life, free of drama?

Use this simple 4 step process when you are stuck in judgement and resentment to ease into a feeling of peace and calm.

  • Identify your feelings and the core beliefs driving the situation
  • Reveal how your judgments have hidden meanings that can benefit you when you become aware of them
  • Learn to shift how you feel and how you show up in the world with this powerful healing process

This mini training clarifies each step of the worksheet process so you can stop dwelling on what you cannot change and take your personal power back!

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