Do you Ignore Your Feelings?

by | Sep 12, 2016 | 2 comments

We all pass judgments every day. We make these judgments in order to make good decisions and when they are good decisions they usually come from our intuition. When they are not-so-good ones they come from our ego.

When things get too judgy, that’s the signal your fears are popping up to be noticed and healed! Feeling our feelings and owning them as our own is the 2nd stage in the Radical Forgiveness process.

This is where we struggle, we generally don’t want to feel and own those yucky feelings, we would rather avoid them if we can, don’t you agree?

Our judgments can also be the ego projections we put on to other people.  We actually attract these people to us sub-consciously to shine a light on what we are denying, suppressing or repressing.


Our higher self knows what we want and need and through the Law of Attraction we get the experiences we need to heal and grow. Whether we choose to do that or not is our free will and this is why so many people are stuck in their life circumstances. Fear takes over and it’s easier to live with the familiar scenario than the unknown. Our ego also doesn’t want us to, it’s not part of our programming.

I’ve always been a big feelings person, I just couldn’t keep it to myself for too long or I would explode!  Before I HAD to say my feelings and that would get me into trouble if said at the wrong time or to the wrong person.

I have since learned to handle them better now while still feeling them. I will go for a walk, write in a journal,  talk it out with a friend or do a Radical Forgiveness Worksheet. Once I’ve reflected on it I can then assertively discuss it if it’s necessary.


Society is kind of messed up when it comes to feelings, there are so many stereotypes, men shouldn’t feel, women feel too much… and it’s quite common to use sarcasm and jokes to avoid our true feelings.

The bottom line is it’s better in the long run to notice your feelings, accept them and then accept yourself for having them. This is how to release them.

So next time you are feeling judgement about someone, take a look at what is bother you about their behaviour. Why do you think they should change? What are they doing wrong?

These answers could be clues to what you haven’t accepted in yourself.

Our judgments and feelings are a perception of what’s going on with us, kind of like a mirror for our feelings. Loving and accepting all parts of ourselves is an important part of the Radical Forgiveness process and what Stage 2 focuses on.

I encourage you to find what works for you to feel those feelings  and stick to it because it’s the key to releasing them.

Stay tuned for Stage 3: Collapsing Our Story! Now it gets interesting…. 😉



  1. janet gothreau

    Thank-you Lorree ;
    Very insightful! I’ve often struggled with feeling my feelings. It’s very tough and can be scary. I’m a sensitive person and feel deeply. I used to cry so much or get very angry. I’ve noticed overtime , that as I decided to feel them and tap into the messages of what about that emotion was telling me, it became clearer. I learned how to handle each challenge with more ease. I also, became less emotionally intense!

    • admin

      Yes Janet, it IS very scary to face our real feelings, thank you for sharing. I know for a fact avoidance can become a bad habit that’s hard to break, especially for us sensitive people. Great to hear you are on a better path by allowing the messages to come through of what’s really going on; it’s always something because there are no mistakes.
      Awareness and allowance to own, accept and release our feelings is our ultimate goal and why we are here, to feel our emotions fully and move from fear back to love. 🙂


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