Our Purposeful Journey

Live Radically with Lorree Appleby

One on One Coaching & Healing sessions

Lorree ApplebyWorking 1 on 1 with me can create transformation in your life in just a few months. I meet you where you are in your journey determined through a private self-assessment.

We focus on what is coming up for you currently as well as looking at the past for wisdom to carry forward. We get clear on where you are and where you want to be so we can build your foundation and create opportunities for us to dive deeper and hone in on the root of the problems while connecting with your Spiritual Intelligence to create positive changes in your life.

We co-create with Spirit/Universe/God/Goddess (whatever ‘it’ is for you) to create shifts in your relationships by giving you expanded perspectives. that allow you to rewrite the stories you tell yourself. This creates a natural release of stuck energy in your body bringing you more into alignment with the true essence of your soul so you can begin to attract what and who you really want in your life organically.

I use a mixture of coaching modalities and intuitive energy healing. I am certified as a Radical Living Master Coach which encompasses Radical Forgiveness, Radical Empowerment, Radical Manifestation, and Radical Transformation. The tools are safe, easy to use, step-by-step processes. I am also certified in Core Shamanic Healing as a conduit to healing. I am your compassionate guide to support you in identifying what’s getting in your way or stopping you from living a life you love.

Work with me privately

Radical Healing Session - 145.00 CAD

1 hour virtual session

  • Radical Release with drumming (based on your needs)
  • Shamanic Healing (based on what spirit says with your permission)
  • Intuitive Soul Adventure Oracle Reading

Soul Awareness Sessions

Gain clarity on your true desires and begin the healing process so you can develop the skills and strategies to break free from your past programming and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in non-beneficial patterns.

Open up your confidence and be deeply supported while you discover that you do have all the answers within you.

– Includes a self-assessment to determine core areas of focus, healing, and direction, 6 private One hour virtual (Zoom) sessions with Lorree, optional recorded sessions and brief email support.

Soul Aligned Sessions

Following the same healing process in the self-awareness sessions to open and follow your heart, these additional sessions are to work on leading from your heart and consciously creating what you want to manifest in your life through your Spiritual Intelligence.

Activate a feeling of deserving of receiving love, acceptance, opportunities, wealth and good health so those things can begin to manifest in your life.

– Includes a self-assessment to determine core areas of focus, healing, and direction, 10 private One hour virtual (Zoom) sessions with Lorree optional recorded sessions and brief email support so you can implement your soul action plan, continue healing to align your mindset and emotions with desired outcomes, and raise your vibration to attract the people and opportunities aligned with your purpose path.

Darlene Reece

“In working with Lorree on Radical Forgiveness I was amazed at how I was able to let my emotions come to the surface and not be afraid of them. I felt totally safe with Lorree guiding me through a very deep-seated emotion that I was able to release! I felt so free! In the weeks following I found myself feeling happy and hopeful with a lot of energy that I haven’t felt in years! I have found that I am walking taller with confidence and looking forward to the future.”

Annie Balgobin

“Thank you Lorree for your transformational work. I had many shifts after our sessions. I felt lighter as a block has been lifted. Radical Forgiveness heals. Ironically, I needed someone to hold my hand in order to let go. It is your deep love for humanity that I was so drawn to. Blessings to you, I benefit from your great work.”

Glenna Courneya

“Working with Lorree has changed my life for the better.  I have so much more peace now and I have the tools to work with if any issues arise.  I have no doubt that Lorree’s own personal experience is what makes her so caring and compassionate.  She is living her purpose!”