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Live Radically with Lorree Appleby


“I grew up with a lot anger and resentment and it was affecting all areas (business, relationship, family). Lorree helped me see what I couldn’t on my own and how to forgive the hurt in my younger years. She noticed key similarities in my past and present stories and I now understand why I get triggered and what I can do in the moment to release it easily. Lorree showed me how I can find peace and resolution around any situation.”

~ Odette Laurie

Professional Speaker, Author, Clarity & Impact Strategist

“From the moment I saw Lorree speak at a conference I knew she could help me and she would be helping tons of people! I have consulted her a few times on some issues I needed help and healing with. She brings real world experience, Powerful Healing and genuine solutions that gave me the results I really needed. She is so awesome to work with! She speaks from the heart. I highly recommend working with her! She can work magic! She is on my short list of Light Workers to call when I need help!!”
Michael B. Denver, CO

“I have had the pleasure and opportunity to receive several Universal Sphere®️ sessions with Lorree Appleby.
Everything, I mean everything, has become easier. Things which had a stronghold on me have vanished. I have seen myself be present in my moments and drop heavy things that cluttered my actions.I have confidence to Be Confidence and to act even more lovingly to me which spills into every outer relationship and external situation which used to felt like weights in my life.

I feel lighter, I am a beacon of light, my mind feels more at ease. I sense this has opened me even more for my future self to come through as I feels calm with the present moment. I highly recommend this energy experience for higher and best outcomes, for solutions to situations and overall well being. I truly feel I have a next-level energy upgrade and am connected to my higher, best self. I’ve dropped the shame and the condemnation of myself that was never mine.

My heart is opening more to the love of my soul. It feels so free and relaxing to be honoured, to be held with love and no judgment, and Lorree provides a powerful healing space.

I feel blessed I continue to feel a spiritual experience in everyday life. Thank you.”

~ Aline Brown

“I am beyond thankful for your amazing work that has touched a deep and profound part of me that I thought has long been lost. Radical Forgiveness workshop was life changing for me. It’s been only a few days since the workshop but I feel a tremendous amount of peace, joy and lightness in my entire being. I have no doubt that the Universe helped me get to this workshop at exactly the time in my life that I most needed it and I was open to fully receiving it. After a lot of personal growth work and healing I have done over the years, this workshop was truly transformational. Thank you Lorree for your amazing work.”
~ Daniela Popp

Professional Intuitive, EFT Practitioner & Success Coach

“I have lived most of my life not showing my feelings because that is how I was brought up. When I met Lorree I immediately liked her and felt very comfortable with her. I really felt that I could trust her with my deepest thoughts. I knew that I was meant to meet her that day for a very special reason.”

“In working with Lorree on Radical Forgiveness I was amazed at how I was able to let my emotions come to the surface and not be afraid of them. I felt totally safe with Lorree guiding me through a very deep seated emotion which I was able to release! I felt so free! In the weeks following I found myself feeling happy and hopeful with a lot of energy that I haven’t felt in years! I have found that I am walking taller with confidence and looking forward to the future.”

“Thank you Lorree for your amazing work, your unconditional love, and your passion to help people heal their hearts once and for all!”

~ Darlene Reece

“My name is Hailey, and my husband is Jeremy. We attended Lorree’s live healing ceremony and we are so grateful that we did. It was so beautiful to experience the event together, as a married couple. With three young children, time alone is rare, and yet we truly value carving out time for our personal growth and our relationship growth. I highly recommend couples attending the workshop together, when possible, because it is very special to see a side of your spouse that you may not have seen before, or may have simply forgotten. For my husband, he was reminded of just how many things I have faced, and got to let go of at the event. I could feel his love and compassion as he witnessed my process that day. And for me, watching him learn, grow, and get in touch with parts of his story that he forgot, was truly beautiful.”

“Lorree is the perfect guide for this work and her live events are a safe place to grow, heal and learn. She has a sweetness and calmness that brings serenity to any situation. She is an excellent teacher and a loving guide on the journey that individuals and couples can take to Radical Forgiveness. If you have read the book, Radical Forgiveness, you should definitely attend the event. If you are attending the event, you do not need to read the book first, but it will deepen your experience and give you a head start on your healing, if you do. Welcome to the magical world of Radical Forgiveness.”

~ Hailey Patry

Happiness & Resiliency Coach

“Working with Lorree has changed my life for the better. I have so much more peace now…and I have the tools to work with if any issues arise. I have no doubt that Lorree’s own personal experience is what makes her so caring and compassionate. She is living her purpose!”
~ Glenna Courneya

“So many of us were raised in a dysfunctional home. I suffered different forms of abuse as a child and had to deal with racism when I left the house. At the age of 16 I developed rheumatoid arthritis. I was told it was an auto immune disease and that there was no cure.”

“I accepted this as fact and went on with my life but deep down inside I knew there had to be more to this than what the doctors were telling me. You see I believe that when you have unresolved issues, the pain must manifest itself somehow, either through a psychological or physical disease. I was also aware that if I didn’t forgive the people that were responsible for the pain I couldn’t be healthy, emotionally or physically. I attempted to forgive so many times but was never successful…I thought I was successful, I thought I had moved on but I didn’t. It wasn’t until I attended Lorree Appleby’s Radical Forgiveness ceremony that I understood what forgiveness really was, I learned how to forgive everyone including myself. After the ceremony I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my chest. I finally feel the peace I had been searching for most of my life. Lorree is incredible, her explanation of the process and her guidance through the ceremony made me feel safe and ok to be vulnerable. Thank you Lorree for dedicating your life to serving others through Radical Forgiveness. I highly recommend this ceremoy because everyone has something to forgive.”

Serena Shah

Area Manager - Arbonne

“I attended a Forgiveness Ceremony with Lorree facilitating. I was nervous and apprehensive, but, I am so glad I did. Lorree’s support helped me find peace and perfection in myself. The process has me feeling light, confident and comfortable with me now. Thank you, Lorree. I recommend to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed with life, sign up. Go for the session.”

~ Caroline McIntosh

Author of To The Transplant Games

“I attended Lorree’s Magic of Radical Forgiveness Workshop and it was an emotional but freeing experience. It’s not easy to let go of things that happened to you in the past but with Lorree’s help I feel positively empowered and I am able to start fresh with a new mindset. For anyone who feels stuck you have to attend one of Lorree’s events or do some one on one coaching with her. You will be so happy you did!”

~ Laura Watts

Double Take Content Creator

​Thank you, Lorree for this wonderful tool​ ​of Radical Manifestation​ ​you have given us. I got my first of 4 new clients that I asked for within one day of the​ ​​worksho​p!

Every so often I find new tools to add to my manifesting ritual and I believe that Radical Manifest​at​i​on ​added the final component I needed to be more successful in co-creating with the Universe. There is power in numbers and also in the intention to serve others with our desires. I so appreciate all of us who helped each other in adding value to the world and I wish for you the utmost success in reaching as many people as possible with this invaluable gift.

~ Sholina Jivraj


“ I’ve done a couple of workshops with Lorree Appleby. The Radical Forgiveness Ceremony was very powerful in allowing me to look at things with a more compassionate eye. Radical Manifestation was also very powerful in helping me to understand how simple it is to manifest my heart’s desire when you know how it works.
I’m blessed to have had two private sessions with Lorree. Both helped me so much. I was able to float over the situation and seeing it for what it is and my part in it. Although I know everything is for our soul’s growth, she held my hand and showed it to me gently. Lorree and her work is going to change many, many lives. Her energy is so beautiful and loving. I can’t wait to receive more of her healing energy.”

~ Annie Balgobin

Energy Healer

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