Our Purposeful Journey

Live Radically with Lorree Appleby

You're in a spiritual awakening. Your past is showing up in your present and you are ready to transform it.

Are you…

  • Strongly sensing the world is changing and so are you? You know the status quo just doesn’t work for you anymore but you’re unsure what to do about it?

  • Feeling drained from towing the line, when you really just want to focus on what’s most important to you without feeling guilty about it?

  • Up late at night worrying and judging other people’s choices, actions or beliefs that are not how you really feel?

  • Often overwhelmed, and hard on yourself because you don’t have the resources or the energy to create the meaningful life you really want?  

  • The one in your family who never really felt like you fit in and deep down you feel alone, frustrated and a little ashamed because you tried so hard to fit in and it almost killed you?

These are the adventures of the soul. They are the call to remember who you truly are. It’s time to fully step into your soul purpose.

In Radical Healing to Be Real and Love Life you will….

  • Develop compassionate awareness of your self-sabotaging patterns and beliefs which inspires you to create and practice new, healthy practices from a power within you that feels real and attainable. 

  • Feel good saying Yes to you, and hold empowered boundaries with others so you can develop the relationships and future your heart and soul really wants.

  • Set yourself free from needing approval from anyone but yourself so you can unquestionably choose what is best for you and feel good allowing others to do the same. 

  • Learn how to trust and embrace lifes ebbs and flows so you feel empowered taking aligned action and enjoying the journey in the process.

  • Discover who you truly are and feel courageous and confident to Be your Real self because you genuinely love and accept yourself despite any imperfections you or others may find.

It's Your Purposeful Journey to step into the fullness of who you are!

There are three program levels to choose from, because everyone is on their own journey with different entry points. You can always upgrade if you want to go deeper.

Soul Awareness is a 2 month, self-guided journey that takes you through the foundational aspects to start your healing journey so you can *innerstand and let go of your past hurts and pain with proven healing methods you can use again and again. You are better able to manage life challenges as they arise because you are more aligned with your true self and have tools and processes that work to bring you from judgment to peace. 

Soul Alignment is a 3.5 month journey combining self-study and live, personalized support to take you further into healing. This program includes everything in Level 1 and we dig deeper into observing and *innerstanding your self-sabotaging patterns you may not even know you are repeating. 

You are gently guided to practice noticing and pinpointing your emotions, behaviors and the B.S. (Belief Systems) you tell yourself in order to become more aware so you can heal and transform them into healthy beliefs while incorporating new soul-care practices that support you to Be Real and Love Life.

Soul Purpose is a 6 month inner pilgrimage of deeper healing into the most common issues that keep us stuck as a collective. This robust program includes everything in Levels 1 & 2 with more private and group support to bring to light what you are not aware of so you can *innerstand the different parts of your complex mind and how it’s connected to your body and spirit. 

You learn to compassionately love, trust, and accept yourself from your power within as you shift from fear to love. 

Your relationship with yourself and others will become more fulfilling because you are no longer triggered by them and can confidently choose what is best for you while still supporting others from a peaceful heart. 

With two meditations to amplify your self love and financial abundance, and daily intuitive guidance from practicing your soul-care habits with the Soul Adventure cards,  you will anchor in a paradigm shift where you will never look at life the same again.  

*Innerstanding: the neutral point of understanding and overstanding; with knowing coming from a place of acceptance and unconditional love. The knowing that all is perfect and happens for a reason (Law of Cause and Effect) to move one towards learning and expansion.

Before starting Lorree’s program I was feeling lost, angry, hurt and discombobulated, like I was carrying a heavy emotional burden, blaming everyone in my life for not loving me.

All I ever wanted was to belong, feel wanted and loved. I tried meditation, journaling, therapy, reading self help books, and trying to convince myself I was loved. I was pushing my feelings down so deep I didn’t even realize I had done that.

After taking this program everything changed.. I’ve let go of the resentment I was carrying. I feel free in every part of my life… I am happier today than I’ve ever been. I love life and I am more open to receiving all that is already mine. 


Toronto, ON

Level One - Soul Awareness (2 months)

  • Three Radical Forgiveness Videos & Community – you are introduced to the overall foundation of the work to prepare you for the teachings, including an online private Facebook community. 
  • Going Through the Ages Exercise & Discovering Your Patterns mp3 – this foundational first step guides you to discover a deeper awareness of your subconscious patterns.  You will create a historical map of your life events so you have a blueprint to work with in the course materials.
  • Radically Forgive Your Past to Find Freedom in the Present – Six weekly coaching videos (9 hrs of teachings/healings with worksheets) – learn and experience the healing processes of Radical Forgiveness & Radical Self-Forgiveness to release guilt & shame. Including teachings to Raise Your Vibrational Energy,  four Radical Healing Processes, one Inner Child Healing Meditation & assignments to integrate the teachings. You can re-listen to these recordings as often as you need to. 
  • Bonus: 90 min. Workshop: Maximize Your Energy for Optimal Flow &  Success gives you knowledge & best practices to support you in mastering your energy so you can go with the flow of life. Because it’s a journey not a destination.
  • Bonus: Lower Chakra Activation Meditation: In order to take aligned and powerful action our energy centres just be cleared and balanced. This guided activation will wake up your 3 lower chakras so the healing work will flow more easily so you can let go of fear, guilt and uncertainty. 
  • Bonus: E-book – Cultivating Happiness: practical, essential practices to be happy & love life!
I’m Ready!

Level Two - Soul Alignment (3.5 months)

Includes all of the above PLUS:

  • Let’s Get Real Self Assessment with personal review by Lorree and a journey plan – get clear on your core values, what you want & don’t want in your life, why you desire it & how you want to feel daily. 
  • This is also an opportunity for deep reflection on your relationships with yourself & others so you can be honest & gain clarity on where you stand now & who you aspire your future self to be.
  • Awaken Your Radical Self – Three Audio Trainings with worksheets – be guided to peel back the layers to *innerstand your emotions, judgments, & expectations by tracking your patterns so you can transform your core negative belief systems.
  • Three Monthly 1:1 Private Sessions (1 hr per month) -customized accountability with gentle, loving support to work through the teachings & integrate the learning personalized to you. 
  • Three Monthly Open Group Coaching Session – receive laser coaching in a small group on whatever is coming up for you as you work through the program materials.
  • Bonus: Upper Chakra Activation Meditation: – Living a conscious soul-led life requires our upper chakras to be clear and balanced so we can receive our soul’s wisdom clearly.  Use this activation to expand and embody the fullness of your true self. 
  • Bonus: Be Real Meditation mp3 & Soul Care Practices pdf – Daily support to help you build new practices to stay consistent & intentional in your life as you change & grow.
I’m Ready!

Level Three - Soul Purpose (6 months)

Includes all of the above PLUS:

  • Know Your Self with Radical Self-Forgiveness & Self-Acceptance – Five Video Trainings with worksheets – discover & get familiar with all parts of you so you can let go of guilt & shame to make space for love & acceptance of  yourself as imperfectly perfect.  We will be mining for gold in the subconscious mind to transform the deeper held judgments you have of yourself, your family, loved ones & the world.
  • The Path to Self-Love and Abundance – Three Video Training Workshops with worksheets – be guided to go into deeper issues where you feel disconnected around your relationship with your body, including health issues, & finances. You will be gently guided to bring more awareness in these areas to heal using exercises & the processes previously learned to unravel the patterns, let go of the stories & break the generational cycles for good.  
  • Three more Monthly 1:1 Private Sessions (1 hr per month) -customized accountability with gentle, loving support to keep progressing through the teachings & integrate the learning personalized to you, including a final review of your progress to see how far you have come. 
  • Three more Monthly Open Group Coaching Session – receive laser coaching in a small group to support you as you continue to  work through the program materials.
  • One Soul Adventure™ Journey to the Real Me Game with three Refill Packs – use as a daily practice so you can strengthen your connection to the innate power within you in a unique & transformative way. Keep your momentum going with online resources & a private Facebook community. 
  • Bonus: Access Your Intuition with Fun & Games Workshop – the power of your imagination is an untapped resource that can make life so much more fun! Learn how to access your intuition and connect to your higher self with more ease and joy.
I’m Ready!

Dear Lorree, I wanted to let you know I am grateful for the impact you have made in my life. I have been working hard to heal my heart from the traumas. I feel a lightness and peace. I am a work in progress and still have lots of work to do and I want to thank you for your wisdom, support, coaching and kindness.

Jennifer J.

Fenelon Falls, ON

 Radical Healing to Be Real and Love Life Program Introductory Pricing

Flexible Payment Options

Our Purposeful Journey accepts payments by E-transfer (Canadian funds),

Wise Transfer (International Sales), PayPal and Credit Card.

Additionally a payment plan is possible if you need to spread out your payments to make it more affordable.

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 Your Guide, Coach and Facilitator

Lorree Appleby is a Soul Adventure™ Guide illuminating your path to peace through radical self-acceptance and self-love. Lorree’s journey to finding the truth of who she was led her to helping the heart-centred, burned out, people-pleasers and perfectionists like she was, to embrace their confidence so they can let go of overwhelm, control, judgments and resentments in a gentle and permanent way.

Lorree is a certified Radical Living Master Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner & Universal Spheres© Practitioner. She is also certified in Core Shamanic Healing, and Inspirational Speaking as well as being an Author and Creator of Soul Adventure™ Journey to the Real Me. A self-care practice in the form of a game where you use your energy, intuition and inspired action to create clarity, transformation and magic in your life! Lorree gently guides awakening humans to trust their soul’s wisdom, heal their generational patterns and create a life they love by being real!


“Working with Lorree has changed my life for the better. I have so much more peace now…and I have the tools to work with when issues arise. I have no doubt that Lorree’s own personal experience is what makes her so caring and compassionate. She is living her purpose!” 

Glenna Courneya

Ottawa, ON

“I grew up with a lot anger and resentment and it was affecting all areas (business, relationship, family). Lorree helped me see what I couldn’t on my own and how to forgive the hurt in my younger years. She noticed key similarities in my past and present stories and I now understand why I get triggered and what I can do in the moment to release it easily. Lorree showed me how I can find peace and resolution around any situation.”

Odette Laurie

Mississauga, ON

“Working with Lorree has given me more tools to be able to move forward along my journey and heal.  With a little understanding the processes are pretty easy to use and can be applied to so many situations that have come up in my life.  I’m really glad I took the time to learn and do this for myself to be a better version of me!”

Jenn Kelly

Oshawa, ON

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