Separation is the opposite of Oneness (The Human Experience)

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Separation. This is why we came to exist here on Earth, to experience the complete opposite of Oneness.

Then we would fully know what Oneness is because we have experienced the opposite, Separation.

Fear, judgment, anger, blame, resentment, bitterness, jealousy…. complete loneliness.

We have all felt these feelings, it can lead to hurting others, because we hurt, and then we turn on ourselves, and that’s even worse. The pain is too real and when you’re in it, it seems like there is no way out.


This is Separation: mental illness, addictions, keeping busy all the time, all forms of abuse, and also denying our different selves we don’t want to see because it’s too painful.


Once we have experienced what we signed up for we start to realize there’s more to this and we seek to find the learning in order to transform our feelings. We no longer need the separation, we felt the pain, it’s turned into pain and suffering now and that’s not a requirement.

We are given lots of opportunities to wake up and figure it out by creating various dramas and situations in our life to bring it to our attention but we don’t always see it that way, especially if we are in victim-hood.


The thing is, many of us stay victims forever, free will can keep us lost and our spiritual amnesia keeps us from seeing the light and love within. Many eventually find it and sadly some do not and live in fear and separation until the end. There is no right or wrong here, it’s the soul’s choice.

Radical Forgiveness is spiritual technology that helps people to forgive their past, reclaim their present and create their future.

It brings us from separation to oneness.

It brings us from Fear to Love.

It’s a bridge from the 3rd dimension to the 5th.

The idea is simple but radical: Everything happens for a reason, no exceptions, no accidents.

It’s all purposeful and we choose to experience it! Yes, we came here to either balance karmic energies, learn certain life lessons or fulfill missions, such as supporting the world to awaken and shift our consciousness into love.

Earth is our school and our life experiences are our lessons.

AND you don’t have to believe a word of it!

You just need willingness. Willingness to be open to the possibility it might be true… and that’s all it takes to work! Our soul knows and that’s all that is needed.

Radical Forgiveness is for the average person, it’s a step-by-step process, and it’s a tool for seeing the light, making sense of what doesn’t, and having the realization that it’s not all separation in this life.

We just need to start waking up to remember and we will also need to forget the old programming that can run deep. Radical Forgiveness helps us do that.

But wait…..there are some terrible things going on every second in the world! How can we say everything happens for a reason?

Looking at it from the spiritual big picture, that’s the theory, but from the World of Humanity, where we live, it doesn’t seem like it could be true in some cases does it?

All I can tell you is we need to give up the need to know the why and the how, we will never know at our level of consciousness and it works anyway so does it really matter?

Yes I know, it sure would help if we can make sense of things so our rational mind is satisfied.

Here is a quote by my friend, Amanda Perrone, that resonated with me and this idea. “The only way you can make sense of pain is to give it a purpose.”

Let’s share with one another to know we are not alone, let’s have less judgment and forgive because raising our consciousness is what will bring us to love and all that is needed to create a new world based on the love of truth, compassion, faith, justice, peace, and unity.

The rest is just an illusion.


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