Why Don’t We Heal?

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This question has been researched quite a lot. From an energetic standpoint, a quality reference is Caroline Myss’s book called Anatomy of the Spirit. Here’s an eye-opening video where she talks about woundology, healing, forgiveness, and how to move on from traumatic experiences and loss.

Suppressing our feelings is why we are stuck, sick, unhappy, and unsuccessful, yet society teaches us that feeling our feelings is not a good thing and something we might even want to avoid.

We avoid our feelings by distracting ourselves from allowing them to be there and giving our inner attention to what they are trying to tell us.

Most of us have stuck emotional pain in our body, if we don’t release it by feeling our feelings it will eventually turn toxic in our bodies.

This is something I want to bring awareness to so I created a Feelings Manifesto.

After a while emotional baggage gets old; you are itching for a change to get back your health, happiness and create your success, however that looks for you.  Healing our wounds can be achieved easily with Radical Forgiveness so we can get on with our life.

Are you ready to release your past? Re-claim your present? Create your future?

Start with my workbook to see where you can be your own hero in your life story. I promise, once you do, your life will change forever.

Do you think you might be ready? Let’s talk and explore what this looks like for you.

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