Why Self-Forgiveness is not as Easy as Forgiving Others.

by | Feb 13, 2017 | 0 comments

When we forgive others there is a clear definition of our roles. One is the victim and one is the perpetrator.

When we are forgiving ourselves we are one in the same and it can get confusing, this contributes to it being more difficult to forgive ourselves.

We are the victim, judge, critic, perpetrator… we are all of them so how does that work?

In fact we are dealing with many sub self-personalities within our psyche, they are referred to as ‘survival personalities’. Depending on what our past is, some of our sub-selves will be very dominant.

When some type of emotional trauma or wounding happens when we were young our subconscious created these sub-personalities which can range in degree. We may be aware of them or not.
They could be the princess, the critic, the judge, the boss, the joker….there are so many; observe your thoughts and behaviours and see what self is talking.

This is a lot like the inner child, we have denied these selves at some point in our past and they will keep showing up in our life until we acknowledge and accept them for who they are.

They want attention and will come out looking for it, to be healed, loved and accepted. They also keeps us stuck in a cycle we don’t know how to get out of.

I will go more into this in my next blog so until then be the observer of the different selves you may have. It will take some honest reflection so don’t be hard on yourself if you find out you have many, just make note of them and be aware. It’s OK, you are human and most of us have many of them.

The healing will come and awareness is a great step towards self-forgiveness.

Also this should go without saying but I feel I need to say it again….self-love and self-care every single day, especially on the days you are feeling down or bad about yourself, is non-negotiable.
You know the saying, put your oxygen mask on first….do it!

Each time you do you are sending your various selves a message that you are important and you matter .


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