Questions and Judgments – Here’s How to Make Them Powerful!

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I attended a conference last week by live stream. It was a great experience and I want to share two of my biggest a-ha’s with you.

Now I will say I have heard these before but they came into my awareness differently this time. I am at a different level than when I heard them before and listening with fresh ears.

The first big a-ha I had was about asking questions….how often when something goes wrong or not the way we expected it to go do we say something like….”Why this again!?” or “Why me?” or Why does this always happen?” or even worse, “Why don’t I learn, I’m such an idiot!”

These are all questions we are sending out to the universe and they are coming from the victim standpoint.

Instead, try asking more positive questions to open up the possibilities for you.

Such as…. “I wonder what life would be like if I showed up fully as me?” or “If I was truly willing to be me, what would I choose next?” or “What would it take for all of those past investments to actualize now?” or “What am I not willing to be aware of that if I were aware of would change everything?”.

You can phrase these questions to suit you, what is it that you want?

Questions put you in an altered state of consciousness that knocks down barriers of the deepest part of you. There is something incredibly powerful and sacred about wondering.

So ask powerful questions and see where they lead. Follow the light feelings and be open to possibilities. Most importantly, when the universal nudge comes to take action, take it! Even if it seems odd or scary. Opportunity can be disguised as something completely different so trust your inner knowing and be willing to experiment and see what pans out, always trusting your inner guidance to steer you in the ‘right for you’ next direction.

The second big a-ha for me was around judgment. Most of us suffer from being caught up in what other people are thinking of us and it holds us back from living to our full potential.

Will they judge me? Do they like me? I can attest to these thoughts and it used to paralyze me into not doing anything outside of my comfort zone.  I led a boring, unfulfilling and safe life.

The facts are we all judge, and really the judgments we have are all our own stuff and nothing to do with the person we are judging…. Read my blog where I talk more about judgment.

If we truly want to live to our full potential being willing to receive judgment is a big part of it.

The more success you have by doing what you love means you are stepping into your greatness and that means you will trigger things in other people because they secretly want what you’ve got….and they are going to judge you.

Be willing to receive their judgment. Try it and become aware of what it brings up in you.  It doesn’t mean they are right, or maybe you have this judgment about yourself?  It’s just their opinion and really deep down, it’s their stuff they are struggling with.

Showing up fully as you is going to naturally attract people who resonate with you and repel those who don’t. Isn’t that what we want anyways?

It’s that simple folks, we can create big shifts when we embrace these ideas. Ask powerful questions, take action on what we are receiving and be willing to receive judgment.  Questions create possibilities, judgments kill possibilities.

Play with these ideas and see where they lead you. I would love to hear how it goes for you so feel free to let me know!
Are you stuck in the victim consciousness? If you struggle with what I shared above then you have some inner work to do.

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