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Let’s face it, being human can be tough for many people, the challenges, the pain and the suffering.  We find ways to cope and numb the pain.

When we begin to be aware of ourselves and the external world it gets even more confusing.

Who are we?

Why is there so much pain in the world?

How can we find peace, happiness and joy when we are surrounded by war, fear and lack?

These were just some of the questions I had before I connected with my inner self. It all seemed so unfair to me back then and I denied my spirituality.

When I was introduced to Radical Forgiveness all of that changed. I finally had answers to my unanswered questions I had all my life!

It wasn’t about being a perfect, non-sinner.  As spiritual beings having a human experience we are supposed to have these painful experiences. We actually signed up for them to learn, grow, balance karmic energies or fulfill our mission in this lifetime.

If you don’t buy this concept that’s ok. You don’t have to believe it and truthfully I didn’t believe it myself at first. As humans we need proof with our five senses and to think we would actually choose to experience such painful things is kind of an outrageous notion.

It’s a spiritual concept and our reality is in the 3D World of Humanity.

We also didn’t realize as souls how difficult it would be because we only knew what love, oneness and abundance was.

To fully experience these things we had to have what we call ‘spiritual amnesia’ so we would truly understand.

To really know what oneness, love and abundance is you need to know what separation, fear and lack is and Earth is the perfect place to do it!

This was a way easier concept that I could grasp and it answered all of my questions.

For the skeptics, no, we don’t know it’s true for sure, but it’s a way better story than what I had which was confusing and misunderstanding.

Another idea I love about the Radical Forgiveness concept is that we get to be human!

We are still going to feel pain, make mistakes and struggle but now that I know this is part of the human experience it’s not so painful because it has purpose.

I can accept that I’m going to have bad days, and I am ok with being with it because I know there’s something bigger going on and it will reveal itself to me as the situation evolves.


I will admit I had trouble living in both worlds at first, as Colin Tipping explains in the book Radical Forgiveness it’s like looking at the world through two different lenses at the same time. It takes time to focus.

95% of the time we will look at things through the World of Humanity and the other 5% we can see it in terms of the World of Spirit.

I was getting caught up in the latter because I was just grasping the concepts and was looking at it that way too often. I have a much better balance now and can look at situations through both lenses easily.

Our soul is what connects us to both worlds and depending on how high we are vibrating energetically is what world we are more rooted in. As we become more connected to our spirituality this percentage will change to be closer to even.

Remember we are here in the World of Humanity as a human being and having a closer connection to the World of Spirit is a great benefit to us.

We have the Radical forgiveness ‘spiritual technology’ available so we don’t have to live as a victim for too long.  I find it very empowering that I can bring myself back to peace when I use the tools.

I was also reminded that whatever is going on in my life is happening FOR me not TO me.  As I began to become more aware and practice living in two worlds I noticed that life is easier, I worried much less and I have way less judgement of others and myself. It’s teaching me every day.

Radical Forgiveness helped me to have more acceptance of others and myself. It gave me a different way to look at life and still be able to be human.


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