I’m Getting Comfortable with the Unknown – Are you?

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I’m getting used to the unknown.

Are you? It’s certainly a challenging fear to face, not knowing … what direction we are heading and all the speculations of where that might lead.

Who do we listen to? What do we do? Why did the world practically stop and how can we support those on the front lines and the most vulnerable? What does our future look like? Who is in control here?

I have the answer to all of these questions…it’s the same for all. It is YOU.

Your mind does not know the way. Your heart has already been there. Our Purposeful Journey

YOU have all your answers within you when you become still, pay attention and listen. Listen to yourself, your body, your feelings, dive in and be fully present and aware of your inner guidance, your heart will lead you to the next step and your soul knows the way.

Practice expressing yourself in creative ways and release the pain of the unknown from your physical being by journaling daily, feeling your feelings without attachment and filling yourself up with what brings you joy.

What you do is be with you and yours, focus on your health in mind, body and soul. Nurture yourself, if you need structure then plan your daily life, your self-care routines, your creative time, your meals, your consumption of media, and all the things….because it all effects your learning and underlying beliefs which run your life.

Count your blessings and practice gratitude for the lessons and growth, because that’s the gift of working through the unknown.

The bigger picture of why the world practically stopped is so the old ways, beliefs, systems and constructs can fall away and die. They don’t work anymore and I think most of us would agree on that and we have accepted it because we didn’t know how we could actually change it. Our systems are often one sided, they leave so many out, there are gaps of lack of human quality of life that is falling away and we are being given time and space to re-design our life.

All the programming we have grown up with is ready for an un-install and upgrade.  In time we can create new, better systems to live by that are not run by fear, greed or power.

When you tap into your internal truths you become authentic and vulnerable and that’s where your power lies. We need more uniqueness so as you create a better you (while still loving who you are right now) the old has to die so it can rebirth into its greatest potential, and that starts with each of us!

We are being offered an opportunity to connect to our infinite power and practice using it.

We are a beautifully designed system and our bodies know how to self-regulate, heal and protect ourselves under the correct environment.

We are being called to look at everything we are currently doing and make it better.

We came by this honestly a long time ago so there is no point to lay blame or shame anyone. This point in time is a collective experience which has evolved into where we are now.

We recognize it’s time for a change to rebirth how we want life to be, not how it’s always been.

We needed massive change to set us into action, into questioning how we were living and how it could be improved. We now get to create a new experience based on love, truth, harmony, forgiveness and reverence.

For the immediate time, take it one day at a time. Focus on your health and stay balanced in your highs and lows. Follow the temporary rules and guidelines so everyone feels safe. Spread love and kindness in whatever inspiration comes to you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions that don’t make sense to you. Educate yourself and don’t take it personally if someone lashes out, they are hurting and fearful.

Remember during this time of awakening, there are 1,000’s of years of darkness coming to light, that can feel overwhelming, so be gentle, go slow and listen to your inner guidance.

Your inner light of your soul knows the way and the good news is where there is immense darkness there must be an equal amount of light! So buckle up and keep your optimism close to your heart.

No matter what we are faced with let’s stay united in solidarity that we are better together!

PS: My soul led me to study and practice spiritual life coaching and energy healing 5 years ago as many have.  We have been preparing for this time in history, although I can’t say I knew it was going to happen so soon, but again the unknown is getting more comfortable.

I have several free resources and low or no cost events to get you started on your awakening journey. Please find them at the links below.

Blessings of love and light,



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