Heavy Energy – What You Can Do About It

by | Apr 29, 2020 | 2 comments

Heavy Energy - What You Can Do About It - Our Purposeful Journey BlogThis may sound heavy but I’m going to say it anyways … because this is where we are at collectively and it’s time to face the truth.

We are facing the darker, shadow aspects of humanity right now. There is a large amount of speculation and many different perspectives that are growing as the days and weeks pass.

We are seeing a lot of fear and anger being projected in the news and on social media.

I get it, everything has been flipped upside down, some people have so much time they don’t know what to do with and are watching too closely, some are in fear for their safety and family of having to go to work daily on the front lines (thank you!!????❤️), some are in fear for their financial situation, having to close their small business or losing their job, some fear for those who are suffering or have lost a loved one, and most of us wonder what our future might look like on the other side and when will this end?

Then there are some people who are are appreciating this time to do what they have been wanting to do, _______, for themselves or for others and have not had time before all this. They trust this is happening somehow FOR them to re-examine, reset and re-align with what is most important to them.

Whatever position you are at, it does not change that we have varying points of view and many are not the same… so do we continue to pass judgments on each other?

I believe there’s a better way that is the higher road and what will get us through with much less fear. Love thy neighbour, thy fellow human being for doing their best based on their personal experiences.

Yes there are some questionable people doing extreme and even seemingly reckless and unsafe thing however as long as we hold judgment for them we will have given our power to choose how we respond to them. With fear or with love.

United we stand and divided we fall so let’s do our best to be kind first, have compassion for others even when you don’t know their situation and most importantly have compassion for yourself.

If someone lashes out in some way let it go and if it really bothers you and you have taken it personally then there’s something there for you to look at a little deeper.

People are allowed to have differences of opinion and that’s the beauty of us, we are all different.

When we can put our listening hat on and be open enough to viewing different perspectives without judgments we can expand our consciousness and that makes us feel good because we aren’t trying to fit into anyone else’s box nor make anyone fit into ours. We accept there are many variations of experiences and there is always learning in our challenges.

I recommend being open to different ways of thinking, and ask questions to clarify and understand their point of view.

We don’t need to agree when viewing these various perspectives with discernment. It’s a practice to be unbiased and observe without attachment.

Really no one knows how this will all unfold so let’s lead with kindness and respect for all and make it our new way of being no matter what transpires.

I am learning this lesson again in all of this and I am reminded it’s normal and healthy to have many feelings so try to allow others to have theirs, whatever they are.

If they don’t agree with you then remove yourself from the situation and take care of YOU.

We must feel them to heal and only we know when we have had them long enough to move to the next step of a new vibration that is love, compassion, joy, peace and gratitude.

We have the free will to choose so make your choices wisely. Love is what will carry us through anything.

In Love and Gratitude,





  1. Lynn

    Seriously Lorree, this was beautifully written and so connected to what is going on in the works today. Thank you so much for opening up a different road for us to choose when we are in ourselves and our ego.????

    • admin

      Thank you Lynn for your experience in reading my thoughts.


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