New Year 2020 Energetic Shifts – Time to Dig Deeper

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This year’s energy is going to be full of big changes. It’s being reported by the astrologers, numerologists, intuitive readings and us. Many of us already feel it, we are getting sick, feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed and overall we are uncomfortable with the unsettled feelings we are experiencing; no one really embraces change easily so it’s all normal.

Time to Dig Deeper Blog ~ Energy shifts ~ _Our Purposeful Journey.Com & Soul Adventure Game I want to let you know it’s OK, whatever is going on for you, illness, loss, mental health challenges, financial concerns….it’s all part of the shift and there is nothing to be afraid of. Our role is to ride the waves of change, be present to whatever is currently happening in our reality and do our best to not attach to it, focus on the important things we do have and allow the learning and growth to come through by being more present and less distracted.

How do you not attach to it?

There are many ways, deep breathing and focusing on your breath and your body. Staying hydrated and doing things every day that make you happy, is it music, nature, community involvement?

Just do it, even for 10 minutes, and if you don’t have the means to do some of the things on your list get creative as I suggest below. (Yes make a list of what brings you happiness).

Free Happiness: Focus on feeling the joy, go to your happy place as often as you can, vision it and imagine you are there!

Society tells us to do, do, do. That’s not proving to be helpful so why not try to be instead? Not be who others want you to be but be YOU. Not sure who you are? Then it’s time to explore that.

Be still and meditate daily, even if it’s starting with 10 minutes and slowly increasing it, meditation has huge benefits in our lives. Check out this blog I wrote that explains why in more detail.

Tap into your creativity; write out your thoughts and feelings, sing in the shower, play intuitive games with yourself, and the most powerful way to inquire on who you are is asking questions!

Take out your journal and ask yourself these Soul questions. Don’t ‘think’ about the answer, just let your pen flow and see what comes out.

Who am I?

What do I want?

What am I grateful for?

What is my purpose in life?

Please don’t get caught up in these questions, they are meant to touch your soul and cut through all the noise to reach your truth. That means quieting that monkey mind.

Here’s some more content on each question to sit with before you do this exercise; and make sure you take some deep breaths and connect to your heart before you write otherwise you still will be in your logical brain and it will send you down the rabbit hole of limits and judgments.

Who are you, you are a beautiful soul who came to this world to experience a wide range of experiences so you could learn and grow and to come to the realization that they are just experiences, not sentences, or your identity.

What do you want is a question to not limit yourself on, don’t get all practical, imagine there are no limits of time, space or money and ask this question. Dream big, just for fun!

What are you grateful for is all the little things you might not even notice or pay attention to in your daily life. This is a great question to ask every single day.

What is your purpose is to live this live as YOU, express yourself and shine your light in YOUR WAY.

From the janitor who puts love into his work and creates a beautiful, clean space, to the barista who brews our beloved hot beverages, or the mother and father who nurture their family and work at the same time while holding it all together, to the public leader who is empowering others to be their best self. There are so many people doing their own thing and labels confine us so whoever you are and whatever you do remember you are purposeful and your purpose is to live life with love , shine your unique light and sharing that love and light with yourself first and then everyone else. Be kind, be generous and have faith in others.

So there you have it, a few ideas on how you can go deeper and shed some more heaviness that is ready to leave behind. We are all doing this and the energy supports us so you certainly are not alone.

Do you want to be part of a loving community of Soul Adventurers? Join us in the Facebook group where I hold guided meditations, spiritual teachings and we have open discussions about the adventures of life in a private, safe and non-judgmental space.

Namaste dear one.




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