Honouring the Dead

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Today I honour the dead as do many others around the world. There are many customary traditions that various cultures practice to do this which were more prevalent and accepted many years ago. 

In modern day society this time of year, like many other holidays (holy days), has been commercialized, and a lot of the original meaning has been lost.

It occurred to me over the summer how much our current problems, personally and globally, have been passed down to us from our generations and I wondered, Are we learning from it?

Learning from the past

I asked myself, How can we change this? The answer I received is to break the patterns and create new ones, and we start with ourselves.

Easier said than done, many of our patterns, the ways of thinking and being which are based on our mainly false belief systems , all come from the past.  They come from what has been taught and modelled to us and passed down generation after generation.

So it only makes sense to look back at past errors, failures and tragedies to learn from them, and take steps to not keep repeating them. 

I don’t think erasing them and trying to forget about them will help us. How can we learn from them if they are erased?

There has also been a lot of misconstrued histories that are half truths, so it can be complicated, which is why we start with our own life, because that is what we have the power to change.

There is a saying that in order to change something we need to do it differently or we will just get the same results. 

Maybe our ancestors can help us? So I looked at this in my own life.

Change what we have control of

In reflection I was led to look back into my past, and see how far I have come from when I started this awakening journey about 10 years ago.

I can see how I have put my own needs in the forefront and I’ve had to work through the resistance of this change because I had many false beleifs that kept me stuck and spinning my wheels.

I’ve also made big changes in being seen and heard, in my personal and business life. Coming from being a previously shy and conforming young woman I can now see that I am living in more alignment with my values and beliefs, because I question my actions and have gotten clear on what is most important to me.  

Like us all, I’m a work in progress.

Prior to 2015 I had no contact with Spirit that I was aware of, yet I have always been fascinated with it and with communicating with the dead. 

(This is my altar dedicated to my ancestors.)

Ancestor Altar

Respect for the Dead and Dying

Additionally I’ve always had a deep belief in respecting and honouring the dead and dying and have been trusted with supporting two grandmothers in their final days of transitioning. 

With practice and patience I have gradually learned to communicate with Spirit and my shamanic studies strengthened these abilities. Now in the process of learning Ancestral Lineage Healing.

It’s quite incredible how synchronistic life has become since I’ve opened myself up to this gift and have learned to trust myself. 

I simply have conversations with loved ones who have passed, and they support me and encourage me to keep going in my pursuits.

A Whole Other World

So many of us live a surface level life and that might be just fine for some. However many of us have a strong sense there’s a whole other world we can tap into that opens us up to healing, blessings, abundance and deeper life meaning because we are in direct communication with our own soul and souls we have connections to on the other side.

Society has a general belief that this practice is witchy, creepy, dangerous or even sacrilegious. So many of us do this type of thing on the down low, which is just fine, because this isn’t something to brag about. It’s a sacred practice.

Even still, I feel that it’s worth writing about, if not to plant a seed that there is so much more to life than meets the eye, and when we die it’s not over.

We are still connected to each other and are in non-physical form, because our souls are eternal.


Some will say using our intuitive powers and imagination to communicate with those on the other side is witchy, and if that is true then every one of us is because we all have this ability if we choose to activate and hone it. 

Be Aware

It is very true that it can be dangerous and so we must be smart to learn how to have healthy energetic boundaries when communicating with Spirit and to first establish a communication with our own soul. This is why I created the Soul Adventure Journey to the Real Me game.

If we are not in good energetic health it’s quite easy to attract an unwell Spirit or ancestor and it can cause chaos in our lives.

It’s a Natural Thing

Believing it is sacrilegious to communicate with the dead is a strong belief system that was conditioned into some of us over time. 

Is it really? I don’t think so. When we pray we are communicating with Spirit whether we believe so or not. I also believe nature and Spirit are deeply connected; nature is like Spirit in physical form which is why we feel so good being in nature and when we put our bare feet on the ground we actually heal!

An Invitation to Reflect

In closing, I invite you to take some time to reflect on your past ancestors, the ones you know and the ones you don’t. 

Maybe there’s some not so nice memories that represent a pattern in your family or your own life?  

How would you like to change it going forward? 

What can you do to not keep repeating the pattern passed down to you? 

Is this pattern bigger than you feel you can handle to change and might you need support?

This is the inner work so many of us are being called to do. If I can support you or you would like to simply discuss it I’d be happy to explore with you and at least give you some clarity. Book a Clarity Call with me here.

This is very important work to do because as we break the cycles of the non-beneficial patterns in our lives we are creating a better world and future for the coming generations and this makes our ancestors very happy. (So I’ve been told. 😉 )

Love Lorree



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