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I saw a video where the perspective was that ‘everything is not forgiveable’. Despite knowing that some truly believe this, I disagree and here’s why:

I believe traditional forgiveness has been very misconstrued. Forgiveness does not mean we are letting someone off the hook for what they did, or saying it’s ok, no wonder people struggle with it.

Forgiveness is a choice we need to be ready to make to not allow the person or thing to have power over us any longer. We take our power back.

I practice Radical Forgiveness which has a higher power component to it and that reframe made all the difference for me.

When we hold resentment we are unforgiving. We must be ready to stop giving the other person our power and if we are not there, it’s ok.

My opinion is everything IS forgivable, it’s that the individual may not be ready or able to. Don’t hate on me, I know there’s horrible things that are going on and I’m not saying they are ok. That’s not the point.

Those of us who are privileged enough to not be going through the intense trauma are the ones who can do this work for the collective.

Because we are all interconnected when we do this healing work our vibration positively affects others, just one person raising their vibration and not living in fear raises the consciousness of over 200,000 people so forgiveness matters a lot!

If someone has done a horrible thing to you of course you will not initially forgive but once you have

🌱 have the experiences witnessed and validated by a compassionate person,

🌱 have worked through and owned and felt your feelings,

🌱 you have seen your patterns and belief systems and found what the experience has taught you,

🌱you can then take powerful steps to not allow that to happen again because you have forgiven and moved on.

🌱 You then stop giving energy to the painful memories and you take the wisdom gained forward.

This is Radical Forgiveness, it means FREEDOM and PEACE for you!

They don’t have to be in your life anymore. Most often they will not be if they don’t change too because you have regained enough personal power to stand strong in your healthy boundaries.

You have been able to take steps to only allowing people in your life who treat you the way you want and deserve to be treated, with love, trust and respect.

This is reclaiming your personal power. 🌟

Jesus with halo with one hand pointing up.

I’ve forgiven many people who I don’t have a relationship with because it’s toxic to me.

Some are still in my life and our relationship is not the same, it’s so much better!

I don’t hold any ill will towards any of them. I am at peace with what happened.

It took a lot of inner work and some time for me to work through my strongly held belief systems that said I’m not worthy and I am not safe to be me.

I now know I am a fractal of the Divine, a soul in a body having a human experience.

Radical Forgiveness taught me that my beliefs were false and I was operating in fear. Beliefs are very personal and we usually need support to work through the false ones we are holding which operate our lives from our subconscious programmed mind.

I also believe that Jesus or Yeshua’s main message was that what we believe and have faith in will be true.

He came to teach us these powerful lessons of faith, forgiveness and about what ‘sins’ actually are and his story was also misconstrued.

He didn’t come here to save us, he came here to show us how we can save ourselves!

This is me and my beliefs and experiences. If you don’t agree I respect and honour your free will to do so. No need to correct me. 🙏🏼❤️

We are all unique and on our purposeful journey in life and I would never tell someone they have to believe what I believe or they should forgive.

We all have free will and as long as we do our best to do no harm to others and forgive ourselves when we make a mis-take it doesn’t matter what we believe. We can all get along and respect each others divine free will.

Love and kindness goes a long way. 💕

I wrote this to give another perspective even though it may be unpopular.

Because forgiveness of all the crap that happened to you in the past is complete freedom from the painful experiences, they have no power over you anymore.

When we are able to forgive and take our power back and most importantly forgive ourselves for putting up with it, allowing it, staying too long etc.

We Are Free!!

If you want to look into how I can support you with taking your power back go here where you can find free resources, upcoming events and my contact details and offerings. 


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