I May Have Had it Wrong all Along

by | May 27, 2020 | 0 comments

I may have had it wrong all along-soul adventure gameOne of the most impactful lessons of my life was to learn to think for myself, to use my intuition.

I used to be very set in my belief systems; I was fearful.

Learning to be open to considering other ways of looking at my beliefs completely changed my life.

I had to start small, and be willing to ask, ‘what if this were true for me?

I learned there is more than one way to look at something, it doesn’t mean one is right and one is wrong.

There was no way I was going to believe anything different right away. It was the paradigm I lived in. I had to take baby steps.

I also had to be open to the fact that I may have had it wrong all along and I didn’t need to rely on others to tell me what to believe.

As I learned to discern for myself I felt empowered. It takes practice to take aligned direction from yourself. My heart was all barriers up to keep me from being hurt and I’m still lowering them each time I get vulnerable.

Truthfully … I was the one hurting myself when I didn’t listen to my deep inner knowing.

I believe all people ought to know how to correctly use their intuition and be encouraged to practice using it.

To feel safe to use it.

This is the thing, many people don’t feel safe to use it because that’s not how we have been conditioned.

I’m still working on it, aren’t we all? (Well most of us)

If you’re stuck on hearing the whispers of your soul, the loving guidance of your higher self then I invite you to explore it in another way that will bring out your curiosity and lighter side.

So you can be objective and observant. Being objective is being wise.

Playing with the energies of you is part of your soul adventure here. Connecting with your truth and your passion that may be hidden under layers of protection is only possible when you lighten up so playing without any expectations other than being curious is a great way to open this part of you up for exploration.

The Soul Adventure game is going to take you on your journey to the real you.

Take a peek HERE and see how this simple, short and insightful game is transforming people’s lives. The benefits are plenty and you don’t have anything to lose to become free to be yourself.

We all have some lessons to learn and changes to make. Individually and collectively.

We are each on our individual journey and we really need to have compassion for ourselves.

We deserve to take time to connect with ourselves and incorporate self-care every single day.

It starts with you and I’m always here if you need more support.





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