The Power of Listening with Your Heart

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I’ve been staying mostly silent and listening a lot these past several weeks.

I wasn’t listening when I heard, “Take a month off and pause Lorree.”

At the time I thought it was a nice idea and then the next morning I discarded it as not possible. 2 days later I had a random rash on my front and a pain in back ribs.

So I stopped and listened because my body made me by contracting Shingles and popping a rib.

I’m listening to what’s transpiring in the world, listening to my ego, and listening with my heart and soul.

What I keep hearing is, discern for yourself Lorree, don’t just believe someone else’s beliefs without checking in with your own wisdom.

Truthfully there are so many things I don’t know and may never know the truth. I am trusting this whole strange, surreal experience is unfolding according to a divine plan I don’t have privy to knowing by design.

Trusting my intuition has been a muscle I’ve had to build over a long period of time.
As I slowly grew out of being in the fear vibration and learning to trust myself and the messages I receive I have learned to be able to detach from other points of view while listening, honouring and respecting them.

I’ve learned to be able to have compassion for those in pain and not attach to their pain as this doesn’t help them. I know I have to focus on myself first before I can give out any more.

I’ve also realized how good I have it, and I’m educating myself on my privileges so I can be a true voice and ally for all those who do not have such privileges and deserve to have them.

This is an age old wound that has to heal so we can all be free. I know it starts with me.

The healing of this wound is a work in progress for all of us.

For my whole life I thought it was the coolest thing to be able to communicate with a wisdom that was not physical, the spiritual realms.

I was too afraid to say this openly as I thought others would laugh at me and call me crazy.

My assumption of others judgements over me stopped me from exploring this. I allowed it to stop me from feeling worthy that little ole me could have such a gift.

I’ve also learned there are very dark energies that exist, much darker than I ever thought could be true. I am not scared of them as I know where there is one there must be an equal amount of the other so there are also very light energies that exist.

As I become more connected to the light I will be faced with the dark and I have. Maybe not what others have experienced, but what I needed to experience.

The main reason I had to take a pause is to learn to protect my energy. I was not protecting myself near enough that I needed to and I was losing my energy.

So much of the self-care I was doing was being given out more than I was receiving. This is a common thing so many of us do and don’t even realize.

I now am very conscious of my energy and frequently call my energy back to me and send others energies back to them, with love. I have a protection ritual I do in the mornings and before I sleep, and when I forget I can tell.

I can actually feel the difference in my body when I intentionally do this, it is helping and I believe I had to learn to practice this so I could continue to follow my path that is calling to me.

During this time of pause and reflection I have explored what I have always wanted to do on an everyday basis and was too afraid to say it out loud.

So I play, imagine, dream and believe in what else is possible to allow my soul to come out of her cage.

I have always been very drawn to nature, as so many of us are, mother nature beckons us to play with her. To listen to her messages of wisdom.

I am very grateful to have a beautiful backyard with a lot of green space and I’ve been spending a lot of time there.

I feel the wind, witness the lightening storm, soak up the sun, revel at the moon and stare at the trees mesmerized.

I see and hear a variety of birds, I love them. I watch squirrels with their babies, and rabbits hopping around. We had a dove nesting in our bush, then she left her egg and the next day it was gone. We have saved some baby birds, one died and the other two went on their way.

I am witnessing the circle of life in all things and I’m learning to communicate with nature on a deeper level.

Shamanism is to connect with the spiritual realms through nature with ceremony and ritual in order to heal and receive wisdom to share, and to honour nature and spirit.

This has always enticed me and I’ve felt a strong connection when I’ve taken part in any kind of shamanistic ceremony.

Again, I didn’t feel worthy to do it on my own but I am committing myself to studying this more in depth in the coming months.

I’ve always loved music, singing and playing but felt unworthy to do these things without someone else who would guide me. I’m also committing to creating music with my drum, my voice and whatever other instruments that come to me.
I even wrote a song; now to create the music. ????????

I did take a music course over the winter and learned about the healing of sound vibration and how to share music with others to heal and empower. There are many studies done proving drum circles heal people.

I am still shy about this but I’m growing so watch for more sound and music healing coming.

This Cardinal has been hanging around my house a lot ~ Our Purposeful Journey So I practice and play and I’m noticing a connection.

This weekend has been a beautiful example.

A cardinal has been hanging around our yard all weekend.

I had a beautiful fire where I saw what I believe to be fairies showing themselves to me because I asked them to.

To test my nature spirit connection I asked to see a monarch butterfly today, we haven’t had one yet but today we did.

I saw it as soon as I came out and thought, well that’s a butterfly but not a monarch, but didn’t it come closer to me so I could see it indeed was, she was more yellow but definitely had the monarch markings.

I also connected with the tree you see in the picture below where I share the message it gave me when I asked.  I did ask its permission to take its picture and share this with you.

That’s another thing I’ve learned, it is very important to be respectful of other energies, asking permission and sharing with the intention to help others is the honourable way to share nature’s wisdom.

So this all ties up to the Soul Adventure cards I drew a few days ago and I’ve been sitting with them, not feeling the message, and today it all came together.

Soul Adventure Game Card Reading

I am Belief, with my Grounded Me (my deep connection to the earth, my body and environment), therefore I am Receiving messages from spirit through nature.

My inspired action is to be still and observant and listen to the messages I receive.

Then I flipped my decks over and I got this message:

Soul Adventure Game Card Reading on the Flip Side


I am Worthy with my Self-Love Me, therefore I am Visioning myself fully connected in my power.

My inspired action was to share myself with you so if you have read this far thank you.

If you scanned to this far that’s OK, I’m sure you got what you needed and if you feel incomplete them go back and read to find what you needed to know.

The reason why I am sharing this is to inspire YOU to go within, listen with your heart, not with your mind.

What adventures is your soul calling you to take?

Message from a Tree

Tree Message:

Stand up tall and strong, fully being YOU with your light and dark in full view.

Own who you are, you are a piece of source creator, infinite and ever changing as you experience life.

Engage with all life around you and within you.


Thank you tree for your wisdom, just when we needed to hear it.

Blessings and Namaste my friends.


  1. Lynn Bland RFP, PhD, LPC

    You, my friend, are so amazing and beautiful. I am blessed to know you and have had the experience of feeling your loving energy personally.

    • admin

      Thank you Lynn, I really appreciate your comment and feel blessed to have met you too. I’ll never forget our time spent together. Namaste, Lorree


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