The Purpose of Generational Pain

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One thing we all have in common is generational pain. I’m referring to the challenging relationships, and the deep trauma we pass on through our family which can be influenced by just about anything.

We have created many ways to feel separate and alone, it’s what our soul came here to experience initially for its evolution, the opposite of what is true.

Through periods of darkness, challenges, and hardships, we are forced to dig into our experience by feeling it fully and being pushed outside of the limitations we put on ourselves or were taught by others. This is where we gain our wisdom and become better for having the experiences.

Did you know most of our pain does not even belong to us?  We have taken it out of a need to relieve someone else of their pain. We have a tendency to do this when we feel that the other person is unable to bear the pain themselves. As children we take on our parents’ pain, we forget it’s their pain, make it our own and play it out in our own lives. Often we carry the pain of our mother or father or both, our grandparents, or we could also carry the pain of our sibling; that was me. 

We carry things like core belief systems, world views, guilt, shame, blame, oppression, poverty mindset, dis-ease, and all types of abuse and addictions.

Once we understand the pain and identify the suffering we can do something about it and come to the realization that everyone is right where they need to be doing what they are meant to, there are no mistakes when we view it from a divine perspective which is a radical way to look at life.

We are first humans, of course, so we want to have understanding and empathy for each other and would never say something like ‘It’s meant to be’ to someone who is feeling pain or separation.

By keeping this wisdom in the back of our mind of what the bigger picture is, we are each here fulfilling our soul’s journey, having human experiences as spiritual beings, it helps us to not get caught up in the patterns of our relations and instead work towards breaking them and creating healthy ways of being.

It also helps us to have less attachment, not try to control life, feel sorry for people, or complain about them because they aren’t living their life the way we think they should.

Instead, we can stay in our lane, focus on our own life, and take full responsibility for our energy while not interfering with another’s. These ways of being can help to heal the generational pain of our relations.

This isn’t easy with family dynamics, we are often entangled from lifetimes of karma, and the pain can run deep but once we are aware of it we can begin to discern as to what is our pain and what we are carrying for others and then do the inner work.

This is Radical Forgiveness work.

So here we are nearing the end of the year 2021, isn’t it time to at least consider letting go of your generational pain? You don’t even need to have a relationship with the person to not be carrying another’s pain as your own.

I’m not saying you must concede to the other or tolerate abuse of any kind, healthy boundaries are very important. It’s about shifting your perspective from outward to inward and seeing how you contribute to the situation.

To heal and grow you can only change yourself and it starts by taking full responsibility for your well-being, thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors. 

The family relationships we may perceive as difficult are actually the opposite, from the soul’s point of view. Our souls guide us toward these challenges with our family so we will keep experiencing the pain and eventually transcend it.

As we heal our generational pain, it moves us towards being free and sovereign, not codependent or victimhood, and our true self can come through with more ease.

We know that our consciousness creates our reality so why wouldn’t we learn more about this so we can heal and be happy while accepting each other and our differences? Why keep spinning our wheels?

There is an energetic remembrance that keeps us on our missions together as we evolve generation after generation. We begin to remember who we are and gradually we break the patterns of our past generations and heal, and only then can we can live from our hearts fully.

As we do the healing work our energy shifts and untangles from theirs so they too are free to heal the past pain we carried for them. This is their free will to choose, it is not our choice. 

Breaking generational pain patterns is a practice and it’s a whole lot easier with guidance and support.

If this is resonating with you let’s discuss it further on a complimentary Clarity Call, no obligation, just an exploration to see if you are ready. Either way, you will leave the call with recommended action steps for where you are on your purposeful journey.

I invite you to book a Clarity Call here.


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