Remembering the Wisdom of the Past

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It’s currently the beginning of November and I sit quietly and reflect on the past year. I remember how much has changed, and what I have learned from all the experiences I have had.

The veil to the non-ordinary world is the thinnest today, meaning we can connect with our helping spirits, our passed loved ones, and our ancestors’ wisdom the easiest.

Also because we are collectively awakening our consciousness overall we are able to tap more easily into our intuition.  The subtle messages and oracles that Spirit is communicating to us are magical and what we need to keep growing.

This is where I’ve been drawn to, a deeper connection to all that is because everything is alive and we are all interwoven together energetically as one.

Our ancestors understood this and they stayed close to the beauty and wisdom of divine nature, and what her elements teach us.

????Air element 
teaches us to remember to slow down, breathe, be in the moment, and create some space when life gets confusing or overwhelming.

???? Fire element teaches us to remember that we create our life, our passions fuel our internal flames of desire and we have the power to change our reality just by staying connected to our heart.

???? Water element teaches us to feel and validate our feelings so they flow through our body and release as is meant to be. It also reminds us to go with the flow of life, because we are always being guided to what is best for our soul’s growth.

???? Earth element teaches us to stay connected to our body, the earth, and our relations, past and present. It reminds us there is wisdom in every experience we have. All we need to do is stay in awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

Ether element teaches us to remember where we come from. We are made from divine nature with unlimited support and potential to create our lives with the help of non-ordinary reality. Our personal power comes from a divine source whether we call it God, Universe, Spirit, Creator or something else.

Love is the common denominator and divine essence that heals all.

November is the month to remember.I also reflect on our history and remember the brave souls who risked their lives, and many lost them to stand up and fight for our freedom. It certainly has changed since then, which everything does, and yet I wonder what they would think or say if they were here now?

Nonetheless, I willingly trust the process and that everything is unfolding in divine order, according to a divine plan, so I focus on what I can change, myself.

This leads me to remember my past, and the wisdom each experience has given me. I would not be who I am today if it was not for my past, so I do not regret it but learn from it so I don’t repeat it without being aware.

Life is cyclical and we are always evolving so when a pattern shows up I take the opportunity to practice what I’ve learned so I can integrate it into my being permanently.

Lastly, I reflect on the current world, the darkness being brought to light, the unconscious coming to the conscious.

It’s not easy to witness it knowing the immense pain and suffering that has and still is occurring. Often my heart felt like it was breaking even though I have not been drastically affected, but it has affected all of us in some way and I’ve processed a lot of feelings this year.

It’s been a wild ride experiencing reality shifting along with my physical body and cognitive abilities evolving and I am eternally grateful for my lessons, my loved ones, and my health which are my wealth.

I claim my sovereignty as a divine being of light and love.

I stand in my truth of who I am and why I am here, to experience my soul’s journey which has an immense purpose, to make a difference. How do we make a difference you may be wondering?

By remembering who we truly are at our core, our true essence of self.

Do you remember?


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