Let’s Talk About That Other F Word

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No … not THAT F word!

This message is definitely safe for work, and family, though family isn’t the F word I have in mind, either. It’s not even Freedom, or Fun, though those are definite side effects of the word we need to talk about:


I know, I know. You’ve heard a lot about forgiveness already. You might even cringe when you read it, or think “here we go again, she’s going to tell me to just Let It Go.”

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As a Radical Forgiveness Coach, I know there are a lot of myths about forgiveness out there:

Forgiveness means I have to let them off the hook!

Forgiveness is like saying what they did is ok!

Forgiveness means I have to like them and spend time with them!

Forgiveness takes lots of time and work!

If any of this sounds familiar, I hear you! The first time I met a forgiveness coach I thought, “No way! I’m not going to open up old wounds after all the work I did coming to terms with my pain.”

But the truth was, my pain wasn’t healed, it was just stuffed down so deep that I could mostly ignore it, except when it boiled over without warning. I knew I was on a healing pathway, but I also knew something was missing. I was searching for a way to feel more whole.

Forgiveness kept popping up in my life, but each time I sent it packing. I wasn’t interested in learning about it.

It was only when I lived through the grief of seeing my Grandma on her deathbed, that I truly saw how desperately I needed to make a change. She had so much fear and regret over how people saw her. I didn’t want to reach the end of my life filled with regret. I handed myself over to Spirit and told them that I was ready to serve in whatever way was meant for me. I was ready to hear my soul’s guidance.

That’s what I want for you too: To hear your soul’s deepest and most sage insights. I know now that our souls call all of us to forgive those who hurt us – including ourselves – so we don’t keep repeating the same pattern of pain and resentment.

This isn’t about condoning or pardoning another person’s actions, and it absolutely isn’t about forcing yourself to like them, spend time with them, or let them hurt you again! This is about letting your soul guide you forward to a brighter, freer, more whole-hearted way of being.

That’s why I want to invite you to the Worldwide Forgiveness Summit. This is a free event that I created for you, so I can share with you some incredibly powerful forgiveness stories.

I have interviewed various guest experts. Each of them generously agreed to share their own unique story of how forgiveness helped them find happiness, peace, love, and a brand new path of enlightenment, service, and a deep sense of purpose.

Sign up here to watch compelling and totally life-changing interviews with lots of wisdom shared I’m sure you will resonate with.

Thanks for being open to this conversation with me today. I’ll leave you with what a dear friend said to me:

Life is for-giving

I know you’re ready for more ease, joy, and emotional freedom in your life. Here’s that sign up link again, and remember to share this with anyone you know who is ready for a life-changing shift in perspective.




P.S. Stay tuned for my next blog when we’ll tackle the age old question: Does everything happen for a reason?


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