The Soul Adventure of Healing and Empowerment

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I still have to shake my head and smile in wonderment as I can see the bigger picture of how our soul always leads us to what’s best for us. I never used to see it so clearly until I practiced dropping my judgments and opened up to possibilities. It’s definitely a practice to transcend your ego and that’s exactly what we do when we tune in every day to what our soul is guiding us towards…taking adventures. Because the soul wants these experiences and can’t have them without our humanness. Our life journey has deep and meaningful purpose.

So far 2019 has been a big healing journey for me.

My soul said it’s time to move more of that old, heavy energy from my past out of my body so I can keep moving towards my calling to help others heal, grow and learn to be their own best friend.

It started in the winter as I worked privately with a spiritual life coach, Jeffrey Eisen, whose specialty is channeling spiritual messages and supporting his clients to connect to their inner being and access the feelings that lead to our truth. I had an unconscious coping mechanism deeply in place which would push the feelings down as soon as they started to emerge. It was involuntary and it took support, practice and trust to counteract the response. I am much better at allowing my feelings to come up to be felt and leaning into them. I must say, they have led me to some amazing outcomes.

Although there is a lot of hope and I see change happening, society teaches us to avoid, deny and reject any feelings that aren’t deemed good. This is not healthy for us and mental health is a big issue most of us are affected by. I believe it’s also a big part of our souls’ adventures, to allow ourselves to experience all feelings fully.

I also began to see a holistic chiropractor, Dr. Mike Coulas, on a regular basis as my energy flow was quite blocked in certain areas of my spine and it attributed to way more issues that I realized. Combining physical healing with emotional healing at the same time is very important because it’s all connected.

As spring arrived I went to a few retreats where I was able to participate and share the Soul Adventure game with others.

How cool is that to be able to work and play at the same time!?!

These retreats allowed me to explore and nurture myself, to put me first. I needed the time and space away from my everyday life to reconnect with this new me I have been growing into over the past several years.
In May I went to a Women’s Visshudha Retreat at the Grail Springs Wellness Centre. Visshudha is Sanskrit for the Throat Chakra.

When we arrived we all had our chakras and auras read with the Biopulsar machine and it was pretty fascinating to see the transformation. The owner of the centre is Madeleine Marentette and she’s been doing these readings for over 15 years. We were educated on common themes among women’s chakras. Here’s my before and after the retreat images and you can really see how my throat chakra was out of balance and then came into balance. A balanced chakra is in the range of 45%-65%.


Online Aura Display Before


Our chakras manage our energy and our aura is our energetic field that surrounds us about 3’ outwards. If we don’t have good energy flow and are unbalanced for long periods of time our bodies feel it and start communicating to us mainly with aches and pains.

If we abuse our body with too many unhealthy habits our aura will be weak and allows for harmful energies to enter into our energetic field. This affects us in so many unhealthy ways.


Online Chakra Display After

Online Aura Display After

I had been struggling with stepping into my true essence, my power, for fear of leaving others behind, for being too powerful that it makes others uncomfortable because they feel my energy.

I don’t mean powerful in an overpowering way, I mean my authentic power which is fully embracing who I am, valuing myself and being ok with being me and knowing that some will not resonate with me.

My past pattern was to be a chameleon and be who others felt comfortable with.  It felt out of alignment once my awareness saw what was happening. I was forsaking myself because I was afraid if they knew the Real Me they wouldn’t like me so I stayed safe and small.

No one should feel they have to do that and this is another soul adventure so many of us experience. Connecting with other women who are all on their own unique path with many similar travels is very empowering.

After this retreat I participated in the Love and Money Bootcamp with my spiritual teacher, Moira Bush. Getting my butt booted to learn more deeply about my shadows that keep me in sabotage, victim and wounded child energy was a game changer for me. To understand the connections between love, money and joy and how we so easily block financial abundance because we block love and joy resonated deeply with me. Allowing myself to experience fun, pleasure and happiness was not a regular occurrence and one I’m still practicing. I’ll be doing my #joychallenge this year!

Using the Colour Mirrors System had a huge shift in my vibration. What came shortly after this experience was synchronicity after synchronicity. I was led to expand my business into the U.S. and was invited to speak at a conscious raising conference called Waves of Light and share about the Soul’s Journey and the Soul Adventure game in Florida in January 2020!

Once again I feel very grateful to combine work and play with like-minded people!

I also pitched my business expansion idea to judges at the Canadian Export Challenge and was short listed from 200 down to 20! I didn’t make the next cut down to 6 but to be part of the 10% originally chosen showed me my idea is viable and “I can do this”. I also got a lot of great information and connections to support me in this area so it’s happening!!

I don’t want to make it sound like everything was perfect and this all got handed to me. That’s not how it works.

I had to show up every day for myself, by putting myself first, taking small steps and moving through the uncomfortable parts of emotions, fear and relationship challenges, with myself and others.

So really my message circles back to the beginning, our soul is calling on us to take the adventures it came here to experience. We can do it with more ease and grace if we are open to it and stay aware and conscious to the healing and empowerment we are being led towards, even when it doesn’t feel like it’s happening.  OR we can struggle with a ton of resistance and suffer the pain even more deeply because we move into suffering and dis-empowerment.

It’s your adventure and you get to choose.

If you’ve had enough suffering and want to lean into it and ride the waves of your adventures I’d love to explore how I can support you in this.

Please book a complimentary, no obligation clarity call with me. You will walk away with next steps regardless of the outcome.

Namaste – Lorree


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