Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda…

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Do you have regrets?

I supported two grandmothers as they approached the end of their physical lives and they both had regrets they could not remedy.

It made me realize I didn’t want to have regrets and a few big ones I had was what I should have done, or could have said or would have felt, had I not been stuck in the judgments I had about others and myself.

This is a common theme I see with clients as well. They regret they didn’t get to spend more time with their parents before they died because they judged them, or they regret they worked so much because they judged themselves and only felt worthy when they could provide for their family, or they regret they don’t get to spend quality time with their children because they judge them for their life choices.

There are many reasons why we have regrets and often times it’s due to the strong judgments we hold.

What do you regret?

Who are you judging?

Do have moments of feeling peace or are you unsettled most of the time?

The good news is we always have a choice to change how we think, which changes how we feel and we can remedy any regrets through processing our judgments of how we look at the situation. 

The result is we feel more loving and accepting of the situation and can welcome possibilites in that we would not have been aware of when mired in judgment.

The facts are we are all imperfect and we will always be this way, because we are human.

Have no regrets image of flowers with broken glass around the edges of the picture

We grow through our authentic self-expression and the actions we take that are congruent to our values, and judgments and expectations create regrets.

I have a beautiful process that has saved me from getting stuck in judgment many times. It’s called the Emerg-n-See process, created by the late Colin Tipping, and it helps shift us from feeling judgment to peace so we can release ourselves from the burden of regrets.

It’s a free resource with a little bit of teaching and a short process you can go through any time you feel irritated, judgy or frustrated with someone else.

It helps you get real with yourself so you can do a quick internal reset and let go of the judgments, expectations and interpretations that are stealing your peace.

If this feels good to you, get instant access to the resource here.

Here’s to having no regrets.


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