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You CAN find peace in the moment… with practice.

We hear it all the time, ‘Be in the moment’, ‘Be present in the now’. But how does one do this when their brain is constantly flitting around, worrying about the past, and the future? 

This has been a sticking point for me for a long time and I can finally say I have cracked the code and want to share how I got here. But first let me back up to why I am even talking about this.

I just had a beautiful in-the-moment experience with nature and it was quite simple and unplanned.

From my office window I was being beckoned by the big snowflakes falling off the trees and then not long after, the sun came out! So being that this is not as common during a Canada winter I decided to take a break and go outside.

As I was wandering around my backyard, looking up at the trees, feeling the bright sunlight on my face, I started to notice the giant flakes of snow falling again, the wind was making it snow again! 

I followed them down to the ground and noticed the blanket of snow looked like it had moon craters of various sized holes on the surface.

Being in the noticing of what is around us leads to a communication beyond words. 

Maybe you had to be there but it was pretty cool to just be outside, on a Monday morning, having so much gratitude for the moment I was experiencing!  

I felt called to sing and soon a giant grin cross my face. Maybe to an outsider looking at me I might have looked a little crazy, because standing in your backyard singing to the trees isn’t a ‘normal thing’ to do right?

Well if I haven’t lost you yet, because maybe you like weirdos like me who have deep thoughts and a quirky nature, I’d like to share a few foundational practices I use to be in the moment and BE REAL, because life is way easier and more fun when we are.

Trust me, I used to live inside my head not being me most of the time and I rarely would allow myself to be in the moment.  There was just too much to do for that nonsense and getting my hopes up that I could feel happy for no reason was absurd to me. 

With practice I found it’s way more simple than you probably think, the challenge is choosing to be in the moment over and over again.

My BE REAL method is foundational to being in the moment and it will shift your physiology and change your being when you practice every single day.

Snow on branches

Here it is:

Breath and Be ~ take conscious, mindful breathing moments during the day. Focus your awareness on yourself and your environment. Be in the moment as often as you can with this practice.

Expand your Energy ~ we tend to contract inward and breath shallowly. Practice energetic expansion with mindful breathing several times a day. Fill up your belly and lungs with air and intend to expand your energy field around you.

Release the Resistance ~ our egos resist change and judgments are the clues to our truth. Who’s talking’s ego or soul? If it’s ego, acknowledge it and feel it so you can release it in a safe way. Your soul doesn’t judge, it wants you to experience life fully.

Evaluate & Elevate ~ We pick up on various energies everywhere. Tune inward often and give yourself what you need as often as you can. Do many small things to raise your vibration. What lights you up? Do it at least for a short time consistently, if it’s weekly or daily.

Ask Questions ~ Ask expansive questions of possibility to attract more of what you want. Question old ways of thinking that are not working for you. Regularly ask questions of yourself with honesty and love.

Lead with Love ~ the energy of love behind any action is an energy of flow and abundance. Practice leading with your heart, remember you have everything you need when you look within first. Practice trusting yourself and the divine plan and sprinkle gratitude on everything!

I know these things are easier said than done and as I mentioned, it’s taken me years to reprogram myself to feel safe to be me, in the moment. When I am I feel connected to the energies of love and abundance available to all of us.

The thing is we can’t get there if we are not facing the dense, polarizing parts of our life and doing our inner healing work.

I’m a Be Real Mentor and a Soul Adventure™ Guide who’s mission is to help seeking souls let go of the old ways of being and guide them towards a new, empowered life of meaning and purpose, where putting ourself first is how we help others to do the same.

If this calls to you I invite you to join me in my Patreon membership group for exclusive content.

There’s two tiers, one with monthly healings, meditations and more to support you on your purposeful journey, and there’s a Be Real meditation in there waiting for you!

The next tier is all of that plus for those who want to work with me in a small group setting once a month.  We do the inner work of peeling back the layers to uncover the realness of who we are!

Regardless of how you get support, just do it, because this isn’t a journey to take alone, and in whatever way you are able to be in the moment, I applaud you for it. Every step is progress.

The digital world we live in is teaching us how vitally important it is to unplug and tune inward and to Mother Nature for guidance, healing and love.

It’s a failsafe strategy to becoming an awakened human BEing.

Here’s to being real in an often fake and artificial world.


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