Perspective is Everything

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In a time of awakened conscious leadership, the old ways of doing things aren’t working for us anymore – if they ever really did.

Straddling the line between needing to accept and accommodate others while also being true to ourselves has unleashed unconscious trauma, resulting in collective offence and more frequent triggers.

What if we had a different view on what we perceive as negative?

Examples of Perspectives

This image offers some alternative perspectives to things we may, at first thought, judge as being negative.

If we take it at face value and don’t reflect further we usually resist the message and miss what may be going on underneath the surface.

For instance, if we look at being triggered as revealing a wound would that not show us that there’s emotional healing needed?

I know when I get triggered there is always some kind of wound to heal from unprocessed emotions from the past.

Failures always come with lessons and our fears teach us about ourselves.

If we trust the Divine Universe, or whatever you call it, we can trust that what shows up in our lives is happening FOR us not TO us.

If this is hitting a nerve with you and you don’t trust what shows up in your life, then I encourage you to practice widening your perspective and being open to looking at things differently than you always have.

Expanding your perspective brings more awareness to possibilities and solutions and builds your trust in life so you can consciously lead yourself.

This is how to activate healing, develop true strength, and gain personal growth which all lead to enjoying a happier more fulfilling life!

If you find your triggers are overwhelming you and you want to heal and learn to lead yourself consciously by being more of your real self take a look at my signature program Radical Healing to Be Real and Love Life with 3 levels for all stages of readiness.


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