How to Connect with Your Intuition: Interview with Angel Morgan, Intuitive & Pet Psychic

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I am excited to have interviewed my friend, Angel Morgan of Raising Energy.

I met Angel last summer at a networking event where she was doing readings. We hit it off right away, (she read right through me and got me to read her!) and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her better since then.

Angel is a self-proclaimed quirky and fun loving intuitive and pet psychic who reads audiences LIVE on Newstalk 1010, Whistle fm 102.9 and Rogers TV.

LA: Hi Angel, thank you for your time, please share with our readers, what you do and why you do it?

AM: Thanks for having me, I am a psychic and intuitive. I read people and animals. What that means is I can tap into the deepest parts of their spirit to show their truths and tell their stories. What I do is help people to understand their own truths, guide them, empower them, help them heal and become the new selves they are meant to be and work towards their potential.

Why do I do it?  I love speaking the truth and I love telling stories.  That’s part of what I do, help people to know, tell and share their stories. I also share the stories of the ancestors, I work with medicine men and shamans.  There is this one core Why, mine is to help people know and see their truths.

LA: I’m sure you have some great stories, can you share how you first connected to your intuition and how things changed for you?

Oh wow, it was so long ago…part of where I started was when I was getting a reading. The reader told me I was gifted and could do this kind of work.

I didn’t believe her. She said I would be doing it in 6 months. Back then I owned a theatre company. So I thought I wasted my money because I couldn’t see myself doing that. 6 months later I was working there, in that same shop, as a reader.

Then I went to Guatemala and did ceremony, it opened me up more. They told me I would be reading and working with the animals. When I came back I accidentally fell into working with animals. I’ve been doing this work ever since.

Then the media, which I retired from, I had no interest in going back.  I was offered an opportunity to be in front of an audience of 300-400 as a reader, reading all of these people.  I thought it was an interesting concept to explore so I did.

Then I realized that night, ‘Oh my god, this is what I want to do!’ Within a week of that knowing and dropping into my centre, all of a sudden, I was offered my own television show, I was offered the radio spot in Toronto, NewsTalk 1010 and I was offered the radio show in Stouffville.

When we know our truth everything opens up. It’s about knowing your truth.

Me and Angel Morgan

LA: Wow that’s incredible! Please share any surprising lessons you learned along the way.

AM: I can feel more deeply than I realized.

I have the capability to love far more deeply than I thought I did.

I don’t give myself enough credit that I’m really good at what I do.

I help more people than I realize.

Someone recently said to me, “I don’t think you understand, how popular and who you really are”.

That’s the biggest surprise I’m starting to realize, It’s hitting me, I do affect people, I do affect lives. It’s an exciting thing to know, it’s also scary and a big responsibility.

LA: Do you have some tips for our readers on how they can better connect with their intuition?

AM: Yes, I do.  Lorree, you work with forgiveness and forgiveness training; the reality is a lot of us block ourselves because we have guilt and we have stresses over things we have done or think we are going to do. When we forgive ourselves of those things, when we allow ourselves to focus on the task at hand, really throw ourselves into it what we are doing, our intuition opens up, our instincts open up.

The biggest thing I can tell someone who wants to really connect with their intuition, on a more technical level, is to dismiss nothing.

As long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else, dismiss nothing. If you get an instinct to go left instead of right while you are driving, go left, there might be something there for you to experience. You might be a few minutes late for work but because you listened to your intuition you’re going to be on track with messages coming to you.

When your gut says something, listen. The signs are everywhere. It might be as simple as hearing the same song on the radio, what are the lyrics telling you? Dismiss nothing.

LA:  What are some common road blocks someone might face when strengthening their intuition and how can they overcome them?

AM: Doubt and second guessing.  Asking yourself, ‘Am I having a psychic experience or is this all in my head?’

Again it comes back to dismiss nothing.

This is the biggest one, it comes from doubting, which comes from self-worth, which comes back to forgiveness of self.

The reality is we have to be confident in who we are so we are able to turn around and say, “This is what I see, this is what I feel, this is what I hear, and this is what I stand by, even if nobody else stands by it.”

It’s called being fearless. The biggest roadblock we have in life is being fearless, this is what our intuition is all about. The definition of fearless is to know there is something to be afraid of, but to do it anyways.

For instance, when I go on the NewsTalk 1010 show and I’m on the air, I cannot think about being right or wrong. I can only listen, be present and in the moment, which allows me to connect to Spirit, once I’m connected, dismiss nothing I get, and then I take that risk and be fearless. Do you see how this all connects?

LA: Yes, so any person can do this correct? They do not have to be psychic like you.

AM: Yes, everyone is psychic, we all have this ability, it’s just some of us are crazy enough to put ourselves out there and be public about it. We all have our intuition, our sixth sense.

LA: Exactly, so we all have it, it’s just that we have either developed it or not.

AM: Yes, so whether it’s developed or not, and if you decide you want to dedicate your life to it.   John Edward said something in his show Crossing Over, which really started everything for me. He said, “Being psychic is a muscle. You have to strengthen it, you have to continue to work with it.”

I believe this to be true, as each time I am validated that I get something right it makes me more confident to go to the next question.  I’ve been doing this for almost 14 years and I still get those moments of “OMG, I’m not crazy, yah!” and “OMG should I really say that? Am I going to look insane?”

But the reality is you have to be fearless because what if you didn’t say it and it’s exactly what you needed to say?   Now you’re validating after the fact, then it’s no longer valid. That read is gone.

For someone who is developing their abilities, asking questions is very important.  If you think you’re wrong, you know you felt it, ask! “Why did you show me that?”

Ask your angels, your guides, your guardians, Great Spirit: “As long as you’re of the light, tell me, what do I need to know? Why did you show me that? Why did you say that if it’s not accurate for this person?”

You will hear the whisper in your ear, you will feel the vibes, and you will get used to it. It’s a language between you and Spirit, and your language is going to be different with another reader’s language, there will be similarities but it won’t be exactly the same.

LA: Great, thanks that’s great advice. Please tell our readers how they can find you.

AM: Sure, you can find me at our website, subscribe to our newsletter, read our blog or book appointments online at

I also provide psychic development to those who are wanting more support.

Other places you can connect:




Rogers TV in Georgina

Rogers TV in Toronto

Free tickets to Live Rogers shows: use the Contact form on the site.

Radio show in Stouffville, Whistle fm 102.9

Once a month Toronto NewsTalk 1010 on the Nightside with Barb Digiulio

All information is at

LA: Thank you Angel! I know my energy is raised after spending time with you!

AM: My pleasure, thanks for having me Lorree!


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