How I cope with the rush of feelings I get in a day.

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I wrote this piece as a way to express how I cope with the rush of feelings I could get in a day, on a challenging day.

I had to get them out of my head. I had a new awareness of self and was allowing myself to just be in my feelings, whoa….uncomfortable stuff but necessary for my growth and my health.

I’ve denied feeling my feelings in various ways that I wasn’t aware of before, it was automatic and learned very early on in life. I was always labeled ‘sensitive’ which led me to push down my feelings as not relevant or too many of them and thinking there was something wrong with me.

I am conscious to when I fall into that pattern and I’m working towards feeling them, not avoiding them. This way they move through me not stay with me.

Because that’s what we are supposed to be doing here….feeling a range of emotions in our bodies and experiencing physical, mental and emotional sensations.

This simple thing is how I coped when the going got tough with allowing these feelings to just be there.

I told myself, just breathe.

I started pausing in the chaotic moment and do this simple thing, focusing on a good breath, nice and long, deep from the belly, in through my nose and out through my mouth with a whoosh to expel any stale air in my lungs.

I felt a little better, at least calmer, and bringing myself into the moment of what was going on and how I was feeling was a big part of it.

If you’re like me, my brain has a hard time turning off, stopping to just breathe slows it down.

It’s pretty easy stuff and obviously necessary to stay alive but how often do we not do it consciously and breathe shallow, short breaths or hold our breath in times of stress without even realizing it?

The benefits to breathing are endless. Along with helping to clear uneasy feelings, deep breathing releases toxins, relieves pain, massages your organs, increases digestion, and releases tension! It’s also very helpful to ground yourself, actually that’s what you’re doing every time you take in a long, deep belly breath!

There are many more benefits to taking in some deep breaths several times a day.

Here’s a link to a comprehensive guide so you can learn some great breathing techniques to use in your daily life. 

I also now do the same for moments of gratitude, just breathe in all the gratitude for those things I can easily take for granted. So I can take the moment in and embody the good feelings… because that’s how I want to feel.

With these simple changes, an interesting thing happened. Life is flowing a lot more easily than it was when I wasn’t aware of my breath. Go figure!  #JustBreathe


Just Breathe.

When you have so much you want to do and you don’t know where or how to begin…just breathe.

When technology is giving you hard time and you have a deadline…just breathe.

When in your mind you are losing your shit…just breathe

When you are on social media and you fall down the rabbit hole of comparisons and your limiting beliefs kick in…just breathe.

When you feel like the day got away from you and you didn’t get half of what you planned to do done…just breathe.

When your coffee maker breaks…just breathe.

When your pet throws up on the carpet as you’re running out the door and now you are late…just breathe.

When you are bent over changing the garbage and as you stand up you hit the top of your head on the open cupboard…just breathe.

When your day is testing you and it keeps testing you…just breathe.

When the person in the car ahead of you pays for your order…just breathe.

When you share in laughter and play with a child…just breathe.

When your day flows and everyone you encounter is positive…just breathe.

When you receive a beautiful testimonial from a happy client…just breathe.

When you share a memorable evening with a close friend…just breathe.

When you just had the greatest ideas for content and you write that gold down…just breathe.

When you dance and sing with your beloved for no particular reason…just breathe.

When your friend speaks on a big stage and you get to watch her living her dream and shine…just breathe.

When you see the most beautiful sunrise, sunset, full moon or rainbow…just breathe.

At the end of the day, as boring as it may have been, and you can see and feel the gratitude in that…smile and just breathe. 

~ Lorree Appleby

What are your ‘Just Breathe’ moments? Tag me on social media with the hashtag #JustBreathe or comment below! 


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