Can We Talk About Motherhood Guilt?

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Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar?

You rush around the house in the morning trying to get everything done. As time ticks on you notice that your kids are moving at an even slower pace than when you started. You erupt and as the shouting ends and your child looks up at you, you feel it, that sinking terrible feeling, guilt.

Guilt seems to be built into motherhood. We can feel guilty when we take a little time for ourselves or spend money on ourselves. We feel guilty when we aren’t doing enough, giving enough, being enough.  Even though we are busy being employees, entrepreneurs, teachers, housekeepers, nurses, grocery shoppers, taxis, organizers, friends, wives, etc. we still feel guilt.

Eventually, all that guilt can start to take a toll on you. Health problems can come to light as well as sleeping issues, depression among others.

Did you know that guilt is a low vibration feeling that can keep us stuck and leads to shame?

Guilt is defined as, the fact of having committed a specified or implied offense or crime. Or to make someone feel guilty, especially in order to induce them to do something.

There is appropriate guilt when we actually did do something wrong and in this instance, we do have some responsibility to take for our actions but there is also inappropriate guilt where we didn’t do anything wrong but we take it on from others, society, etc. Mothers are especially stuck with this type of guilt.

Then there is associated guilt. That’s when we feel responsible and guilty when someone we are associated with does something wrong. A family member, a co-worker, or a person we don’t know and we had an interaction with and then find out something happened to them and we feel guilty we didn’t do anything.

The last form is when others project their guilt onto us and we take it! And in return we try to make others feel guilty, it’s a vicious cycle!

It is important to remember that we are human and we are allowed to be frustrated, sad, happy, angry, confused, anxious, worried and the list goes on. We are also beautifully imperfect and should not strive for perfection. The truth is that no one is.

When you look at the scenario above when you have lost your temper with your child, the odds are your child will forgive you instantly but we will carry the guilt around with us all day long or longer.

Ironically the more guilt we feel the less able we are to forgive ourselves.

David Rappo once said, “Guilt is rooted in actions of the past, perpetuated by the lack of action in the present and delivered in the future as pain and suffering.”

That’s why Radical Forgiveness is so powerful. It helps you release the feelings of guilt and shame that you are holding onto. Whether it’s mother’s guilt, girlfriend’s guilt, or guilt of any sort, by releasing that guilt, you can make room for positive changes in your life and gain freedom from your past.

There’s one present you can give yourself, your presence to yourself so you can unravel the stories and heal the pain. It’s not as hard as it may feel.

Find out how you can be empowered and get a handle on guilt along with forgiving radically by discovering how you can re-write your Hero’s Story with my workbook.

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