Are You Ignoring the Knocks on the Door?

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This week is about World Mental Health awareness and it could be for a whole month and still not get enough attention or funding in my opinion. This year has been especially difficult for our mental health in general.
Our mental health is just as important as our physical and emotional health and imo it comes first because our thoughts become things. (Potential transforms into form)
Recycling our past pain and limiting beliefs in our mind creates a low vibration in our bodies which creates aches and pains, illness and eventually disease.
Our bodies talk to us all the time and how often do we not listen to them?
For me it was a lot, I would think of my aches and pains as annoying, they irritated me and I eventually resented my body and myself for not taking good care of it.
What I was putting in to my body with the mental thought patterns over and over again was the unhealthy thoughts of I’m not enough, I’m too much, I’m afraid to show up as me because then they will reject me, etc.
Our thoughts send a signal to the feelings part of our brain which creates emotions and if we don’t allow ourselves to make friends with our emotions they take over and affect our mental health in often debilitating ways.
Think about it this way, if someone is knocking on your door with a very important message for you that needs your focused attention to heal and grow and you ignore the persistent knocking, or you open the door and shut it just as fast or even board up your door so they can never get in what do you think will happen?
You miss the message in your mess and the knocks will get louder and louder until you can no longer ignore them.
I used to process my emotions in my head, it did not feel safe to do it any other way as I believed it when I was told I was ‘too sensitive’ or I was a ‘cry baby’.
I had a lock and key on my emotions and even though I did my best to keep a lid on them and stay in control they would come up and out at the most inopportune times.
I would end up hurting someone I loved because I reacted and got angry, jealous, resentful or I would blame others.
Then upon reflection I would beat myself up for losing control and felt guilty and ashamed of myself and kept thinking there’s something wrong with me.
Do you see the cycle of mental abuse I put myself through because I wasn’t listening to my body?
About 10 years ago I had a few serious life events happen over a short period of time that woke me up out of my victim story of poor me, nobody loves the real me cause I’m too afraid to show up as her.
I started to inquire with myself and listen to my body.
I began to pay attention to my patterns of thoughts and feelings and gently began to heal and change my thought process.
I had to let go of striving for perfection and control of life outside of me. I embraced being perfectly imperfect. ????
I had to have a ton of compassion for myself and others because we all have these types of programs that control our lives if we let them.
Real MeForgiving myself was the most powerful and healthy action I took.
It meant I had to be vulnerable, make friends with my hidden dark parts and only then could I be real. ????
I’m not going to lie, it was very uncomfortable at times and it gets messy and painful when you open up your Pandora’s box of trapped emotions.
The bright side is it does heal you and it gets easier!
The lightness and gratitude I feel when I have released another limiting belief about myself or even about the world is all worth it.
I’m at peace with so much now and the chaos I’m witnessing in the world is not bringing me down. I have the utmost compassion for all and wherever they are in their journey.
I still feel the emotions and the pain when it shows up but I Do Not attach to them. After I’m done I do something that feels good, that brings me joy! ????
I choose to look at everything as adventures our souls came here to experience and we are meant to have them for our growth and evolution of humanity.
The real good news, which you’re probably already aware of, is that humanity is awakening and remembering who we really are.
Discovering our innate power within, that we have all our answers and learning that just by existing we offer so much to the world is how we remember who we are.
????We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For!????
If you’re resonating with this and want to discover how it applies to your life circumstances please reach out to me and let’s talk. I am a spiritual life coach specializing in forgiveness and empowerment. I guide you to discover your real self which is love.
My mission is to help others who are ready to open their hearts and heal so they can be who they truly are underneath all the programmed fear and scarcity which is currently dismantling.
Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional so if you are in distress please reach out to your local professional for help.
I simply offer an alternative perspective on life, one that has helped so many find freedom from their pain and heal themselves so they can live their life in harmony.
(I chose this picture because it is unedited ME. Showing up as me for me and showing YOU that it’s safe to become who you really are on the inside.)
Namaste. ????


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