Welcoming the Light

by | Mar 16, 2022 | 0 comments

On the Spring Equinox we are at the centre of the centre, equal day and night – in a dualistic world with so much light flooding in. 

As Mother Earth goes through her own awakening and rebirthing, we are doing the same. Because of the influx of light the dark is being exposed and is falling apart, slowly dying. 

We are seeing and feeling the old, exhausted, wounded, controlled, oppressed and repressed ways of being becoming more obvious and unbearable. It can be painful to watch and experience, there is deep suffering.

Our role is to witness that in acknowledgment and choose to do better in this world as we feel we are able to. 

It’s a time for humanity to rise, take response-ability for Mother Earth, ourselves and lift each other up.

Radically rising we stand in our truth that we are more than mere mortals and we control our responses to life.

Recognizing we are multidimensional beings, awakening and embodying the christ consciousness of love, we are divinity, we are magic, we are rebirthing into all the potential we can vision with our heart’s minds.

Our souls converging together in community to create new, through our inner focus and guidance systems we each are gifted at birth, sharing our hearts and bringing our energies together to set forth our soul’s desires.

Remember the wisdom of following natural and spiritual law, connecting to the spirit of all things and our oneness.

On this day of celebrating the arrival of the spring renewal we honour and cherish Mother Earth which is is Source/God/Creator in form.

We welcome the newness of spring, nature rebirthing into her abundance of growth and the energy she gives is teaches us about ourselves. 

Welcoming the lessons and the learning we have with one another. We recognize we are all one and are reflections for one another. 

Find the joy and gratitude in the present moment.

What am I ready to let go of that no longer serves me?

What new beginning am I grateful for in this moment?

Ask yourself these questions and feel into them often as you begin to grow and blossom like a flower.

Happy Spring Equinox ????


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