These Times call for Radical Responsibility

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I am here to live a radically empowering life in these times of extreme change.

It took me a long time to own this statement. This is my truth and I connected to it by listening to my soul’s wisdom.

I look at life as a series of Soul Adventures. Let me explain what I mean based on what I’ve learned from listening to shamans, teachers and mentors ideas, reading books and then discerning it for myself.  Through contemplation and reflection on my life and the world I learned this theory.

For the record, I am always open to new innerstandings, because no one really knows difinitively  for sure why we are here. It’s a feeling and. a calling and it’s up to each of our interpretation, which collectively creates our reality into the physical.

As souls, who are all unique, individual expressions of God/Source, we enter this world with an intention to experience emotions, create our life through our free will and evolve. We begin with a pure innocent heart full of love, feeling all our feelings fully and then we forget where we came from and slip into the ways of being and thinking based on our environment.

We take our purposeful journey to experience the contrasts of the truth of who we are and as we grow we evolve, but first we are oppressed in some way into victimhood. This is our Soul’s intention, to experience hardship and come out of it better, wiser, more loving than we were.

Our soul’s quest is always to gain the wisdom it came here for and heal back into wholness. We are here to re-member our innocence we lost along the way, and call back and integrate the parts that we would look at as negative, these are our fragmented soul parts.

One of the biggest Soul Adventures we are moving through and is coming up for so many of us are feelings of unworthiness. These deeply imbedded false beliefs keep us staying small so we feel safe and lead to lack and scarcity thinking, because underneath it all, this is what this world has been built upon.

These falsehoods feel so real to us in this physical reality, and show up as unhealed trauma from childhood. We all have something, some more than others.

I am seeing a lot of people feeling the squeeze if they haven’t been doing some type of inner healing. As well many are unable to keep up with all of what is coming to light, personally and in the world with all the terrible things happening being broadcasted 24/7, it keeps us in fear if we focus on it.

Besides the state of the world at large being out of balance, there is a surge of health issues and developed sensitivites, showing us how we are out of balance with our true selves, physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.  

These experiences are what can serve as catalysts to pay attention and focus on what is truly important to us. Our health is our wealth and if you haven’t recognized it yet, we are living in a codependent society.

Most of us are dependent on each other and the systems we operate within which are becoming more controlling and often unhealthy.

We are in a healing crisis and it’s imperative we pay attention to how we are helping or contributing to the problems we are faced with today.

Not one of us can save the world, and no one is going to save us, but we can be kind and caring to each other rather than judge people for where they are in their evolution and experiences. No one needs rescuing, but they do need empowering to do things for themselves with our support if needed.

We can help others more by putting our selves first so we can be our best selves and support those who are not able to at this time.

The Soul Adventure reading in the image above confirms what I believe we all need to heal.

I am Truth. I am in touch with the true nature of my soul and the world around me.

Emotional Me – I feel my feelings and they move through my body and release. (the wounded parts)

Therefore I am Setting Boundaries which is healing for me to evolve.

I don’t believe it’s going to get better for anyone until they face their ‘demons’ their dark side, the unhealed, self-loathing emotions, which they may not even be aware of.

Collectively it’s been coming to the surface for a long while now with the oppression of groups of people just for being different, looking or sounding different, different cultures, making different health choices that some don’t agree with or simply having more or less things or money as a measure of success and class.

We are more connected than we realize, and what happens to one happens to all energetically. There’s been a supression of this truth and it’s coming to light now.

We get no where when we point fingers and blame. The truth doesn’t mind questions amd it’s up to us to ask them, or we are being complaicent.

As the cliche saying goes, life is what we make of it, and yet we are often not taking responsibilty for ourselves but instead focusing on what others are doing and being offended and projecting our pain and unhealed trauma on to those with opposing views.

I’ve done this in my past too and I’m speaking to those who are ready to do something radically different, take responsibility for our own triggers.

Unfortunately we usually don’t take action until we are personally affected however these wounds of unworthiness run far and deep and I believe most of us have some sort of unworthiness unless they have done the inner work around it.

We can stop the suffering by not feeding into the fear when we are triggered and instead compassionately and curiously inquire into our upset and when we are ready comteplate other perspectives that empower us.

It’s time to heal the generational imprints we have been passing down to one another for centuries.

When I started living a radical life it felt very uncomfortable. One by one I question my beliefs and chose to look at everything through two lenses.

My human ego lens that has many emotional triggers and defaults to I’m a ‘victim of circumstance’ and have no power to change it.

Then I look through my highest self-loving lens that I’m a divine being of God/Source always supported with the power within me to change my life and create it the way I want it to be. That my triggers are a reflection of what I need to heal within myself.

I keep healing what comes up by looking through both lenses. I have many ebbs and flows and I continue asking lots of questions with compassionate curiosity.

I went from feeling

…external pressure to feeling inner purpose.

…stress and burnout to feeling peace and happiness.

…pain and hopelessness to feeling love and connectedness with others, myself, nature and Spirit.

…as if it was me against the world to feeling fully supported and having everything I need to feel fulfilled.

…like I wasn’t enough to feeling more than enough and accepting of my humanness while connected to my divine magic within me.

It’s all an inside job, and that’s what I’m here for, to share and facilitate what I have learned so others can heal and re-member their innate power that they create their life and can heal their hearts.

If your emotions keep coming up it may be time to face some truths.

If you feel a calling to do this inner work and take a big step towards healing into wholeness, consider joining my online Radical Self-Forgivness The Direct Path to True Self-Acceptance Book Study Coaching Group starting at the end of July 2022.

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