The Most Important Life Lesson from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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What a magical time of year however I don’t want to forget that it can also be a sad time of year.

For some we are missing our loved ones who are no longer with us and the pressures of the holidays can be overwhelming. I remember how I used to feel, so stressed with all there is to do, the worries of where I will find the money for all the extras and wanting to make everyone else happy but forgetting about myself. I would usually get sick sometime between Boxing day and New Years. I gave too much and ran myself down and my body forced me to focus on myself by literally taking me out for a few days.

This was the old me, I don’t feel these pressures anymore. As I write this I still have lots of shopping, cleaning and cooking to do and it’s only a few days before Christmas but I am not concerned, I am happy, so very grateful and I know it’s all going to work out as it should.

I firmly attribute this phenomenon to living a radical life because I never would have felt this way before. What does living a radical life look like you wonder?

I invite you to watch the videos I’ve been sharing on my Facebook page called The 12 Days of Radical Living. These short videos are bite-sized tips with daily action steps towards living radically and finding the joy from living from your truth, not hiding behind the mask many of us wear.

Living a radical life does take practice, patience and faith and that’s why I break it down into easy to digest steps you can gradually implement into your life. You can also win a $100 gift card to The Keg if you watch all the videos and do a couple of other simple things. Go here for the details to play with us, the contest closes December 27th.

So back to the most important life lesson I have learned from Rudolph.

Just the other day I was relaxing, colouring a mandala and half watching and mostly listening to the 1964 classic Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer movie. Watch it here, this is one of my favs!

This year I really identified with the story of Rudolph and his buddy Hermey, the elf who knew he was meant to be a dentist. I think I was listening to it from a different space than ever before and I was later thinking how this movie was over 50 years old and, we as a human race, are still facing these similar personal identity challenges.

Most of us want to fit in and feel accepted by our peers, our families and society but we also have a deep desire to be who we truly are inside and this is where the conflict comes in.

Are we brave enough to find out and BE who we really are without apology and be open to other people’s judgments and our judgments of ourselves?

Or do we settle with status quo and try our best to fit in and live in-authentically?

The last option is the easier but unfulfilling path. The first one is more difficult but the more rewarding path.

Which path have you chosen?

We have all our answers within and to find them we must listen to that soft, gentle voice, not the judge and critic voices we often hear so loudly.

In the movie, both Rudolph and Hermey were misfits and, for different reasons, chose to be who they really are deep inside, despite what anyone else thought. What Rudolph was so embarrassed about turned out to be his most valuable gift; when he shined his bright red nose he saved Christmas! Hermey became the dentist of the North Pole and was busier than ever with all that candy they eat up there. 😉

Can you identify with this?

When we fully accept our truth and choose to be our own unique self and follow that path we become aligned with our soul and we attract those who love us for who we are, not who they want us to be!

What a lesson from so long ago that is more relevant today than ever. More and more people are doing this and it’s a beautiful thing! I can see a world where we are all living from our truth, we unconditionally love each other and embrace our individual uniqueness. What a wonderful world that will be!

I am choosing to be more visible in my business going forward which is quite opposite of who I used to be. This is a big reason why I am doing the video series and I’m also part of a book collaboration and documentary movie coming out in the spring with other thought leaders, visionaries and influencers. I am stepping into what my soul is calling me to do!

I have more exciting news to share with you in the New Year but for now I want to put my intentions of visibility out into the Universe and find out what yours are?

What are you going to do differently this coming year that your heart desires but your head has been holding you back from? It doesn’t have to be big, it’s what it means to you, so I encourage you to think about this and choose it.

I would love to hear from you and what’s going on, if you would like to share to make it more real please let me know.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and joyous 2018!!

P.S. If you’re interested in pre-ordering my book coming out in the spring of 2018 let me know.

I am also offering something special to those who pre-order so just reply ‘I’m interested’ and I’ll add you to the list and send you more details in the New Year!

With love and gratitude,


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