The Light Workers

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I am a light worker and among many who have felt the calling, the stirring in their body and soul, that there is more going on in the world and we are needed now more than ever before.

We contribute with our love and support, our empathy and compassion, our learning and our truths, for the souls who are struggling to find their light and pull themselves up to a better place.
It can get very dark and we can lose our way towards our light…..then in steps a light worker to shine the light in the dark so the lost soul can see that they too have their own light within, they start to remember and find their way out of their dark place and open their heart to love.

I am honoured to do this work with my private clients and Radical Forgiveness ceremony guests. These people are some of the courageous souls who are stepping into their light, the light workers who continue to heal, learn, grow and rise as I do.

A fellow light worker, Toronto poet, and writer Trinh Diep Nguyen was one of my ceremony guests and as she reflected in the days following the ceremony and focused on my energy she was inspired to write a poem.

I am eternally grateful for her beautiful self-expression and humbled that my energy inspired her writing.

The Light Workers

There are those who go out into the world screaming for change
Screaming and shouting
Arms raised up in fists
A battle ensues
Love! they say
Love they do not show

There are those who go out into the world with a quiet step
One step, two step
And allow the sun to fall gently on their faces
They move forward with their backs straight despite being beaten down
They have wings that only the 3rd eye can see
They are the angels of this earth,
the Light workers
Each a branch of love in action
Singing lullabies of forgiveness, performing dances of joy

Written by Trinh Kim Diep Nguyen
Toronto poet, writer 

You can read more of Trinh’s work at


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