The Impact of Vulnerability

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Lorree Appleby | Top 10 Speaker Slam Impact

We have all been in the position of feeling vulnerable which can be extremely uncomfortable. We feel exposed being in the deep feelings, which is why so many people resist it.

It also makes an impact in our lives because it shows our rawness and realness, it pulls on our heart strings and connects us to our truth.

I publicly told a vulnerable story my family experienced which was pivotal to my healing journey of codependent relationships in my life. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to speak alongside some amazing speakers in the Speaker Slam competition on Impact last month.  If you didn’t hear my story you can find it here. (under 6 mins.)

I felt an inner calling to ‘go for it’ so I decided I would place in the top 10 in this competition and I did out of 65 participants. I set this intention to prove to myself I can do hard things and show up vulnerably as me.

So besides writing, re-writing and practicing my speech, I visualized my accomplishment happening, I felt how it was going to feel when I gave my speech, and I acted as if I had already did what I set out to.  

Along the way I had to muster up a lot of courage to keep moving through the discomforts that came up, and because it was a competition I committed to, it held me to task.

Upon reflection, the experience was therapeutic. To dissect the past all over again and weave the lessons learned throughout my story while making it relatable and still be able to tell it authentically took digging deep into my feelings. 

It was a powerful growth process because I found closure to a part of my life I was ready to let go of. I was also able to inspire a lot of people in my community and beyond, which is really what encourages me to share my stories the first place.

Known or unknown, each of us make an impact in each others lives in some way, and these are the gifts we get to give and receive.

What challenges have made an impact on your life now that you look back on them?

What did you learn and what has changed in your life from the experiences?

These questions are good to ask yourself every now and again, because life is a journey we continue to travel, and from an expanded perspective it’s our Soul Adventure to be on this journey.

Meaning the deepest essence of who we are at our core wants to experience it all, the joy and the sorrow, the good and the bad, the hero’s journey of challenge, hitting rock bottom and the climb of rising back up victorious, stronger and wiser then before.

So getting uncomfortable and vulnerable with our deepest truths is not easy but very worth it, because we grow from the experience, and that’s what life is all about. Evolution. 

Evolution just so happens to be the theme for the final Grand Slam competition on on November 19th, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario.

Find out more here and don’t be surprised if you are encouraged to be more vulnerable and feel a desire to make an impact in your life.

It’s a little contagious, in a good way!


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