Do you Get Signs and Messages?

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Do you Get Signs and Messages?

How do we understand the meanings of messages we receive?

Since I’ve been on my spiritual journey and am in tune with my intuition and open to receiving messages I’ve found they come much more often and in various ways.

I believe I was always receiving them and because I wasn’t open to them I was not aware of them.

I now like being curious and looking at things with an open mind.

The more aware and non-judgmental I am the more I notice things.

When we judge something as right or wrong, good or bad, we limit what is possible.

Once we raise our vibration and level of consciousness we begin to realize so much more exists that is beyond our ability to experience with our five senses. Once we can open our mind to believe this, things change in how we perceive our life and what is going on around us.

You may now be wondering how do you do this?

Allow yourself to have childlike wonder. 

Use your imagination, have openness to anything being possible, drop your judgement. Children are not limited by these things until they are conditioned to be by adults and society.

When you can trust that what seems like just good or bad luck, or mere coincidences is actually you being guided by a higher realm you will experience it more often.

Notice what’s going on around you and your gut reactions to it.

As you do this you will start to become consciously aware of the help you have in your life. Think of yourself as the observer or even more fun, a detective, and notice what you notice. Don’t try to make sense of it, just notice it and trust the meaning will come to you.

It can come to you as a thought, or an idea that pops into your head, or a physical experience such as chills through your body. This can happen anytime so pay attention to what you were thinking or doing when it happened is helpful to piece the meanings and messages together.

When you get these messages they often don’t make sense at the time and you may even pass them off as nothing. I suggest you make a mental note of it or if it seems important or a strong message, write it in an ‘evidence journal’ you can review from time to time to connecting the dots in your detective work.

Believe it or not, there is meaning and purpose to everything happening around us and everyone in the world.

No matter how aware we are will never understand what it all means and why because it’s way beyond our level of human consciousness. If our consciousness is not expanded enough we will not be able to receive the messages being sent to us.

Pay attention to your relationships.

These messages come to us in many ways and most definitely they come to us in our relationships.

Along with having human connection, which is imperative to our survival, our relationships are for healing our misconceptions of what we believe is true for us and for the world we live in.

What bothers us in someone else is a big clue. If you see a pattern in this pay attention!

These patterns are for you to wake up and notice your thoughts and feelings when you are triggered by an other person.

It’s a clue that the very thing you can’t stand in that person is what you have denied, rejected, repressed or suppressed in yourself, most likely from childhood because of your experiences and conditioning.

It also requires being completely honest with your self, facing your true feelings and owning them as yours.

So if you pay attention to these patterns you will soon be able to put things together and follow your divine guidance that will lead you to your truth and what is in the best alignment with you.

You are not alone so don’t try to do this by yourself.

Often times we need support to understand what it all means and that’s when it’s helpful to work with a trusted coach or healer who can see it from a different perspective and has the insight to help unravel it all.

We are often too close to our situation and our judgments cloud our understanding. Consider working with a professional who can listen, recognize what’s going on and support you where you need it because they have already had the experience themselves and have worked through it.

Once we are on the path of healing we can make extreme shifts in areas we were once stuck and get closer to our truth, and living our soul’s purpose.

Be open to having support from the spiritual realm as well because they are the ones sending the messages and remember, they are on our side and want to help us, but they can’t unless we allow them to.

This means ask them for help in expanding your consciousness, ask for what you really want in life and be willing to receive it. We always have the choice once it shows up.

When we ask it will show up, but often not in the way we expect it, so drop the expectations and be willing to taking the required action to having it. If that means you do it in baby steps that is enough. As long as you are taking steps towards what you want you are on your way.

You can’t skip being human first.

We do co-create with our Creator/God/Source/Universe and I can often find meaning in what happens in my life and process it fairly quickly because I am open to it.

But I do have to allow myself to feel my feelings when they show up because even though I know all of what happens to me in life is for a bigger reason I am not fully aware of, it’s all happening for me not to me, so I can’t bypass the human part of it.

When we go straight to the meaning and the learning without feeling the emotions first it’s called a ‘spiritual bypass’ and we stay stuck.

Remember why we came here, we are a soul that lowered our vibration to take on a physical body and our purpose for being here is to experience a range of emotions, from one side of the scale to the other.

So feeling pain and separation is a universal experience and once we have felt as much as we came here to experience then it’s time to wake up. The messages and signs will always be pointing us towards our truth.

Feeling joy and happiness is our birthright and we can easily get stuck in the fear side of things and stay in pain and continue to suffer if we are not open to the signs and messages.

Feeling stuck? Surrender.

When I feel stuck and unsure I know it means it’s time to surrender and be present to what’s going on in my life at that moment. It means I have been trying to control things too much and what helps me get unstuck is to get grounded, be mindful and be grateful for what is good in my life!

This can be accomplished many ways, we can be still with meditation or move our body by taking a walk, exercising, dancing, drawing, singing, anything that keeps us rooted in the human reality.

This moves energy through our body, it brings our focus back to our present moment and away from our perceived problems which expands us to be open for insights, ideas and inspiration.

Being truly grateful for all of the things good in our life is a humbling way to stay grounded. It brings us back to present moment.

When I can create this space for myself the dots will connect rather quickly, usually within a few days.

It used to take me longer and occasionally if it’s something bigger I am stepping into it does take a week or two because I am becoming something bigger than who I am now so don’t put a time limit on it, if you resist it it will only take longer.

Look at it as an up-leveling and if we aren’t paying attention and keep trying to make things happen the way we think they should we receive messages in the form of wake up calls such as accidents, illnesses, transitions in life and these things will force us to stop and focus on what is truly important: our well-being of our health: mind, body and spirit.

So my final words to you are to enjoy the ups and embrace the downs of  your journey. Be open to what is showing up in your life with as little judgement as you can because that’s when your answers will come to you….and trust your intuition. It is your truth.

If you are interested in exploring what Radical Living is and how it can greatly benefit you in your purposeful journey please schedule a clarity call with me here. We will have a conversation, see where you are and I will help you decide what the highest good is for you!



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