Loving Life in Spite of Loss

by | Dec 27, 2020 | 2 comments

The Importance to Loving Life in the Face of Loss

Candle in front of many unfocused flames creating a spiritual atmosphere in remembrance of loved ones passed.

2020 was a major upheaval for humanity. We experienced so many changes and uncertainties and we are just beginning to see the truths of our existence.

I felt it was a huge year for growth and seeing our darkness coming to light. We can now see in a whole new perspective our systems are broken, how we live is not sustainable, and complete transparent change is necessary to remedy this.

There have been many lives lost this year and many who are feeling alone and afraid for their future. This will take time to recover from and as we continue to shift and change for the better more pain and suffering will continue.  As we feel and shed the old ways, only then can we truly move into our hearts and transform from the old world as we knew it into something new and better for all.

One aspect I find challenging and I know many others do as well, is witnessing others’ pain and not feeling as if I’m able to do much about relieving it.

It really hit me when I learned of three deaths around the holidays, none of them directly affected me but they deeply affected people I love.

I found it difficult to be happy and joyous at this time of the year when I usually am, not just for my loved ones but for all of humanity as we move through the dark night.

I struggled with this, I felt guilty for wanting to be excited and happy, and I dulled it down for others.

Like anyone who is witnessing or experiencing grief and mourning, this is when I question the purpose of life when we have to feel so much pain of losing someone we love.

It feels as if life is not fair or will ever be the same when our loved ones leave such an empty hole, a void that hurts so deeply. It’s true, life will never be the same, we are always changing, that is the one constant we can count on.

Then I received the message, these losses are to remind us of the gift of life, it is so very precious and meant to be lived to the fullest every single moment.

To live and love with all of our hearts, to take good care of ourselves in mind, body, and soul, and to cherish the simple things, say what we feel, tell and show others how much we love them, go for that dream or take that chance on ourselves by doing what we love.

It’s all about LOVE and when we can truly LOVE others, and most importantly LOVE ourselves, we can fill the emptiness with all the gifts life brings. The gifts are all around us, we just have to look.

Mourning and grief are journeys in themselves with no right way or time frame to move through them. I was able to find the message quickly as I was not attached to the ones who passed.

Those who are will need to go through their process before they can get there.  We always have choices and we are meant to feel the feelings before we can move through the pain and choose something better.

Personally, I always think of what would the person who has transitioned want? They would not want us to grieve or mourn longer than needed. They would want us to live life fully and make the best of it in their memory.

I know the deeper truth which cannot be understood until we have moved through the grief process. Our passed loved ones have moved on to the next part of their soul’s journey and we are still here fulfilling ours.  So life does not end for us even though it feels like that for a while.

Once the pain has subsided we are meant to remember the message from our soul and from the loved ones who left it behind for us to embrace:

Make each day count as if it’s your last because it could be at any moment.

Life is a precious gift we get to relive each day we open our eyes.


Many Blessings to you for a new year of continued growth and remembrance of what’s truly worth our energy to focus on.  LOVE 


  1. Michael Coulas

    Thanks Lorree for shining your light and for sharing this. My Dad passes in the last few hours of 2020. Let us create a great 2021.

    • admin

      You’re so welcome Michael, I’m very sorry to hear about your Dad, may he rest in peace. Yes I’m with you, we will create a great 2021!


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