How Bright Will You Let Yourself Shine?

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Fear stops us from living. It kills our dreams and prevents us from being who we truly are.

Fear paralyzes us. Fear leads to feeling separate and alone.

Fear is a big part of our life and much of the world is controlled by it.

Fear is often an illusion. Some would say fear IS an illusion.

One of my biggest fears was being visible. I still remember times in my life where I had to be visible and I was scared. I thought if I showed up as who I really was people wouldn’t like me, they would criticize me, make fun of me or plain out reject me.

Did those things happen when I allow myself to be visible? No.

Did they happen when I was a child? Yes.

So there you have it, I have been operating from a childhood trauma of being bullied and rejected. I’m not a child anymore so why am I still fearing these things that aren’t even true?

Back then I bought into the belief that being visible is not safe because of those traumas and it stayed with me and ran my life. I stayed safe and small so I could remain invisible.

Can you think of a belief you bought into from childhood that is still controlling you from showing up, being your true self and shining bright?

This is all part of our soul’s journey, we find ways to create separation, we add all this drama and illusion to it and we believe it’s real.

We feel the pain which is necessary and often we suffer from it, which is not required. We get stuck in patterns, energetic loops, and as much as we want to we don’t know how to get out of them because our fears are holding us hostage.

Underneath it all, hiding in the darkness, is who we truly are. It’s our real, authentic self which includes those lost parts of us that are feeling deprived because we have denied, suppressed or repressed parts of who we are because it didn’t serve us way back then.

Does this sound familiar?

This is the soul’s journey and we all go through it in our own ways. Many of us get stuck and lost in our pain and we are scared of the unknown.

Another part of our soul’s journey is to go on our Soul Adventure!

Our Soul Adventure is when we decide we want to change the status quo of our life so we can live fully. It requires us to go into those places we may be fearful of going so we can find freedom, peace and happiness which leads to being successful in our life.

Many of us are hearing the calling to be/do/have more. Whatever more means to you is relative but it always means being who we truly are inside and letting go of the person we have shaped our self into to feel safe, loved and accepted.

When we are not being real we compromise our self and we feel it in our body. We feel off, unsatisfied, anxious, down, depressed, tired, stagnant with little to no drive or energy to be better. We are hiding, dimming our light, and we are not living to our full potential.

Is life really worth living if you aren’t living it fully?

Some may say yes and there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s working for them, it’s their journey and they are meant to be on it. However there are many of us are being nudged or even pushed to go on the adventure our soul is calling us to take.

It all starts by beginning to trust our self and Spirit, and take a chance.

It’s not easy to trust something you can’t see and often can’t hear. I can relate to this and I had to push through that fear and surrender to the unknown. I had to put my faith in something bigger than me and say Yes to taking the adventure because what I had been doing wasn’t working for me.

An adventure is an exciting experience and it’s all about growth which means taking risks that can be bold, scary and uncomfortable.

When we shine the light into our darkness we discover things about ourselves, we uncover our gifts and we learn it’s not scary. We are safe to be our self and we grow. Clarity shows up, we feel more aligned and hopeful. We begin to lighten up and allow our self to have fun, explore, create.

The core of our life is about growth and the exact reason we are here.

Over the last several years I’ve changed a lot and have become more visible…. and it’s been uncomfortable many times. I’ve come to accept I’m meant to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and Spirit keeps telling me in various ways to be more visible! I also know I feel so much better now that I am following my soul’s wisdom and being who I truly am!

When we are our unique self we can’t help but shine, affect others positively and create magical results to all we do. We are ok with ‘failure’ because that means we are learning more about who we are and growing into being completely authentic.

I’m taking a Soul Adventure – Journey to the Real Me and I know when we do things that are uncomfortable with others we feel understood, connected and supported so I’m inviting you to join me!

The Soul Adventure Game is for you if:

  • You want to take off the proverbial masks, connect with your true self and be that person all the time.
  • You want to listen, trust and act from your intuition and quiet your logical mind.
  • You want support and community with other like-minded women who are on a similar path of awakening.
  • You are a light worker (someone who is called to help others and/or the planet) and you need support with all your emotions to cut through the noise and focus on one thing per day.
  • You want to build consistent habits to support your idea of living a conscious life and moving towards your goals, dreams and desires.
  • You want to have fun, stop taking life so seriously, be the REAL YOU and shine!
  • You want to do this in a short amount of time per day with permanent results.

If playing the Soul Adventure game sounds like it’s for you take a look more closely here.

An interesting confirmation happened for me,  after writing this post these are the Soul Adventure cards I drew…and it couldn’t be more true!

Is your soul calling you to go on an adventure? Let’s play and create!




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