Forgiveness is About Freeing YOU!

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Would you rather curl up in a cozy chair with your favourite beverage, or wait in a cold train station with a broken vending machine?

Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question – of course we gravitate to what feels comfortable. That’s natural (and no, I’m not about to suggest you go find a cold train station to stand in.)

As we move through life, we resist the rough adventures that show up. No one enjoys broken relationships, lost jobs, or waking up in the morning with a migraine. The hard parts of life can leave us feeling jaded and emotionally scarred – of course we’d rather feel comfortable!

But here’s another way to think about it: The ups and downs of life are our soul’s way of taking us on the adventure it needs. Our soul is calling out for a wide range of feeling experiences, yes even hard ones.

Staying too safe and comfortable stifles your soul. You see, your soul is always calling you towards what you’re supposed to be doing – living! Having relationships with others, growing, evolving, and letting the ups and downs of life make you a little wiser and a lot more resilient.

Your soul is on a mission to fully experience life in a human body, and forgiveness is soul work. Forgiveness builds a bridge between the you that’s suffering and in pain from the times you’ve felt hurt, and the magnificent, fullest you that knows its utter power and strength.

Just like any adventure, your story has many parts. Forgiveness is about honouring every single part of that story. That means letting yourself accept and love all your feelings. You don’t need to reject or push any of them away. This human stuff is hard! It’s ok to find it difficult. It’s ok to mess up.

Forgiveness is a powerful tool that frees us from fear and suffering so we can enter into a gorgeous and perfectly choreographed dance with the most divine part of ourselves (even if in real life we have two left feet!)

I would love to teach you how to forgive with an easy step-by-step approach. The Radical Forgiveness tools and processes have helped tens of thousands of people move through their pain into a place of freedom, purpose, and the superpower of accepting life just as it is.

If you’ve read this far I know your soul is calling you to explore new healing and growth, and new adventures.

Give yourself the gift of freedom. Take a look at my self-study program and let me know if you’re in!






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