The Healing has Started

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If you look up the simple definition you will find  ‘the act of separating people or things or the state of being separated’

Separation is what has been tearing up our world.

Being different, treating others different, being isolated and stereotyping based on society’s general description, thoughts, views and assumptions. Being judged because of gender, race, sexuality, appearance and the list goes on.

I certainly don’t like to be judged for what someone ‘thinks’ I am about based on no facts. Why would anyone?

As humans we judge all the time. I didn’t realize how judgmental I was until I became conscious of it.

I pay more attention to this now and I am doing better. I am also more in tune with all the judging going on around us.

I have been watching and reading what’s going on in our world right now, there is so much pain and suffering and a lot of people are fed up with the same old same that’s been going on for hundreds of years. People are speaking out more and more for change. It’s front page news all the time.

There is still separation, judgement, ridicule and hatred but there are also many people saying we need to end this separation and figure out solutions together.

Together not separate. The Healing has Started

I am seeing races joining forces, embracing one another and working together. Yes we can pretty much predict there is going to be more bloodshed, more tragedies, more disrespect, more pain, more suffering, more separation.

There is also a ray of hope.

Before we have a breakthrough we need a breakdown and this is what’s going on right now. It’s so sad, tragic and scary to watch but in looking at it from the bigger picture, it’s needed.

People are finally realizing this has got to stop, it’s only getting worse and it’s not going to end until we do something different. Radically different.

We will destroy ourselves if we don’t change what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable.

It’s not acceptable to treat someone differently because of their gender, race, sexuality, religion, age, appearance or social status.  When you boil it down we are the Human Race and we all bleed the same color. It’s time for us to embrace LOVE and move away from fear.  Fear creates separation.

We Are All One…I know that may be a hard concept to grasp and I don’t 100% believe how I am one with those I don’t understand, their actions, views and paths. But I don’t think I am suppose to understand everyone. We all have our own path, our own journey to travel and our own reasons for being here. It’s for each of us to find out and fulfill.

I am not here to judge but to do what know I’m meant to do in the time I have left. A big part of that includes helping our world to heal, one person at a time. Spreading the message.

The healing has started, I see it and I feel it.

If we all can do our part imagine what a different world we would live in? I want my children and my future generations to live in a world like that. A world of LOVE and acceptance. 

What about you?


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