The Key to Being Present

by | Oct 23, 2018 | 0 comments

One of the biggest issues I struggled with and I see many others fail to do is not being in their body.

What this means is they are stuck in their head, constantly thinking or worrying about what happened or what could happen, what they could or should do and their mind runs on repeat which takes up a lot of their energy.

This affects your sleep, your cognitive functioning, and your stress levels.

The effects are when you are stuck in your head you can’t be fully present in your daily life to focus on what you are doing now, the people you are with, or be able to listen to your body and your intuitive feelings so you can meet your needs, so your self-care ends up suffering.

I found simple strategies and practices to help me ground and be centered in my body and when I practice them regularly I notice a huge difference in my mood, my surroundings, and my mental states.

Watch this short video with some examples and I’d love to hear how you stay present and in your body, please share with me!





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