My Soul Adventure of Coming Out of the Woo Woo Closet

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If you don’t know what woo woo means, it’s basically a label for the non-physical realms that humanity has a hard time fully understanding. Science is finally catching up to what is centuries of truth that was censored and immortalized so we could learn some big global lessons. (that’s my short version of it)

Woo woo is about connecting and conspiring with the Universe. It’s not ‘usual’, it can be weird and magical and it certainly has a sense of humour. Woo woo is something that humanity is beginning to comprehend and practice because you just can’t deny it anymore (unless you want to stay in the dark ages, (and that’s ok but prepare to not have much fun)).

There are many organized groups that still believe it to be bad, evil and wrong and that’s what kept me from coming out of my woo woo closet so long. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone down this road before and was severely punished for speaking my truth about co-creating with the Universe.

If you asked me what I love, I would say “I love the magic of the Universe, nature and Spirit”.

So I came back to try again and this time I’m safe to be me but it did take me over 40 years to figure that out. I’ve always marveled in the magic of anyone who could communicate with Spirit. What a wonderful gift to have but to say I could do it freaked me out, so I stayed silent and I shut it off.

I had a lot of judgements that I would be criticized, rejected, challenged, and shunned for saying I liked it and wanted to be able to connect to the non-physical realms. I would think it’s all in my head when I did think for a moment I was getting a message from within and would always look for answers outside of myself.

I can finally say I’m getting over this and am brave enough to put it in writing for the world to see I’m a spiritual person, I communicate and work with Spirit and I feel and know that Spirit is communicating with me.

Most people in my life that I love, outside of my spiritual friends and, may think I’ve gone off the deep end and am crazy. I often felt crazy for wondering if what I just felt was a sign or a message and I figured it was all in my head. Doubt will kill our connection, being open and noticing what resonates is how it can come to you and belief that it’s true.

If I go about my day believing I am being guided in all I do then I am. When I shut it down and block it off I’m stuck in my head. I really don’t like that feeling anymore and it’s so much more fun and magical to be in tune with the non-physical world. I’m still human but I believe anyone who can connect to the non-physical has an edge. I know that there is way more to what’s going on in every situation that what we as humans can possibly imagine.

To imagine that everything is flowing and happening with complete and divine purpose is a pretty tall order for humanity. The great thing is we don’t have to understand it…yet we so much want to. We only need to trust and believe that we are being guided….because we are, whether we know it or not.

When we don’t pay attention we will surly struggle and that’s part of our reason for being here. When you are done with struggling, suffering and being unhappy it’s still there waiting for you. Loving you, forgiving you, because it’s your reason for being here, to get lost and forget then begin remembering and find your way again. Many don’t and that’s ok, they will follow their path as it’s meant to be followed. We always have choice.

If you’re ready to look at it differently, learning to play with Spirit and my own intuition has really helped me get out of my head and into my heart. That’s why I created the Soul Adventure Game, because when I played and let my judgements go I could connect with my soul, I could feel what my truth was and I could receive divine messages.

I did have to own and stay in my authentic power, which is another topic, but when I put my barriers down to receive the guidance started to show up! I’ve had some pretty interesting experiences and I know without a doubt that there is way more to our life and this world than most of us can ever imagine.

It’s an adventure and it’s time to play if you’re up for it!

Come on out of your woo woo closet too and let’s do this together!

Namaste, Lorree


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