How do you Feel….really?

by | Jun 13, 2016 | 2 comments

In light of the recent tragedy of the Orlando shootings I was feeling pretty sad and upset.

How about you?  What is our world coming to?

I feel angry!

It’s 2016 and I would think by now this type of narrow minded thinking wouldn’t be so prevalent in our society but unfortunately there are still many people in the world who don’t accept what’s different than them….and feel they have to do something about it.

We see it in extremists’ viewpoints, political battle rings, and religious groups and in the actions of the cowards who believe it.

There are a lot of stirred up feelings around this….. and I think this will be the good part of it all.

Real change happens when big, scary, life altering events happen.

I am severely saddened that something this tragic has to occur to shine a light on the inequality that still exists in 2016 but I hope it will create the change that is needed for our years and generations to come.

I know my children’s’ generation (millennials) do not think in this way as a general rule.

It’s a ‘Live and let live’ type of world to them, and it makes sense to them; they don’t get the old way of feelings around sexuality. (It’s wrong to be different and a threat to me)

Thank God evolution is alive and well!

So it’s the clash of the old ways of being with a new way of being.  Fear feelings to Love feelings.

It’s really hard to read the stories of how it all unfolded, the pain and suffering is immense for so many… and then there are some out there who are glad it happened and don’t mind saying so. There is hate being spread all over the world in various ways by acts of violence, abuse and oppression.

But I also see LOVE spreading.  Love is the key.

What comes up for you when you are faced with all of these feelings?  Of course we enjoy having the good feelings however there are the feelings of anger, grief and sadness we don’t like to deal with.

For the good of your well being and your relationships overall, find a healthy way to deal with all of your emotions.

To heal you must first feel.  

We all have to feel it, as uncomfortable as it feels it’s necessary for things to start changing for the better.

Soo the big question….how do we feel in healthy ways when there are tough feelings to experience?

Here’s where you can get creative…

  • Talk with a friend and each share your feelings about what happened
  • Punch pillows or a punching bag
  • Yell outside as loud as you can while running in circles (or yell in the shower if no one is around)
  • Beat a cushion with a tennis racket (more about this next time)
  • Write a letter saying everything you would say if you could confront the perpetrator. Read it out loud and add a proclamation at the end of how you will help change the situation
  • Spread the word of how you feel about it and start making a difference

Just get them out of you! Yes you’re going to feel pretty crappy, these are crappy feelings, but in order for them to be released from your energy body you have to feel them and be ok with them, no judgments. We are humans who are suppose to feel. That’s our role down here.

It’s kinda weird to do this stuff at first but what have you got to lose?

An addiction you want to get back to or maybe complain and then do nothing about it?   Will it do anyone any good?  Nope.

Let’s create some change and take some action. We’ve been given a great opportunity to do that.

So first things first. How do you feel….really?

Give it a try and I’d love to hear what happens when you feel your feelings.


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