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Lorree Appleby

I am on a soul mission to help heal the hearts of humanity, including mine.

It’s time to expand into our potential and be willing to discover and be who we really are at our core.

We are not victims and we can choose to end the suffering. It’s absolutely possible to write a new life story and live it!

Each healing journey has purpose. As we peel back the layers of programming our truth is revealed.

Soon our vulnerabilities, with our gifts underneath, rise to the surface, and fear comes along with them to be acknowledged, felt and released.

We need tools, processes and sacred practices to reprogram our being to align with our soul.

When we go within, listen to the whispers and follow the inner wisdom, we can let go of the outside world and it’s False Evidence Appearing Real.

When we use our innate, creative power for good purpose and combine it with our çonnection to our Creator/Source energy we can transform the pain into purpose, and move into love, peace and acceptance of what is.

We can lead ourselves to BE the change we want to see in the world, sustain it and allow it to grow organically into wholeness.

Forgive Radically  Choose Peace  Be Love

Are you ready for a whole new radical life?

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On this call we will explore where you are now and where you want to be so you can move to the next chapter in your life with more ease and grace.

We will have a no-pressure conversation to see how you can find freedom from your past, reclaim your present power and create your future the way you want it to be!

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Broken relationships are often the catalyst for healing and opening our hearts to love. Interrupting the victim stories allows the stuck energy to release, and personal power is restored to the body. Then we get to tell a new story, that includes you first.


Practicing the art of self-awareness and listening to our intuition is how we follow our heart. Living in the moment with curious, compassionate self-reflection are practiced ways of being to stay in alignment on our healing journey.


Stepping into our power and soul mission of spiritual awakening while concsiously creating, serving and leading from our heart is how we stay in humility and grace. We are empowered to instill healthy boundaries aligned with our values.

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Soul Adventure Game

This game is a daily self-care practice to heal your mind, body & soul in a gentle way that will give you permanent and lasting changes.

Your adventure awaits

Build the daily habit of self-care by playing with these high vibrational cards and be prompted to take inspired action towards what you truly desire.

Our Purposeful Journey
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