Catch the Replays of these Empowering Interviews

from the Worldwide Forgiveness Summit 2019 held in September.

Be Inspired by these Guest Experts 

who shared their experience of BE ing Empowered through Forgiveness


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Be inspired and learn from our guests who will share their healing stories, the valuable wisdom and gifts they have uncovered and received from forgiving the past and how it changed the trajectory of their lives.

These spiritual teachers and mentors are doing amazing things to make the world a more loving and better place to live. You will learn more about their journeys to freedom.

In Loving Memory of Colin Tipping

September 30, 1941 – June 28, 2019

Founder & Creator of Radical Forgiveness

Colin Tipping, B.Ed., is the creator of Radical Forgiveness, which has come to be recognized as one of the most powerful technologies for personal and spiritual growth today. An award-winning author and speaker, Colin led workshops on Radical Forgiveness for individuals and professionals around the world, healing lives, families, communities and corporations.

Colin was born in England and received a degree in Education from Middlesex University and a Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. He was a senior lecturer at Middlesex University before immigrating to the United States in 1984.

With his wife, JoAnn, Colin co-founded the Georgia CancerHelp Program, Together-We-Heal, Inc., and later the Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and Coaching, Inc.

Learn more about Colin’s legacy in Part One of his book Saying Yes to My Cancer.


Introducing Godfrey O’Flaherty

Godfrey is now the custodian of the Radical Forgiveness work Globally

CEO of the International Institute for Radical Forgiveness and Leadership

This honour has been bestowed upon Godfrey O’Flaherty in November of 2018 by the late Colin Tipping author of the books on Radical Forgiveness and the online Coaching Programs.

Mr. O’Flaherty is the Founder of the International Institute for Radical Forgiveness and Leadership, a new entity which will hold the intellectual property of all of Colin’s work.

Colin selected Godfrey as his successor and as the organization’s CEO, placing full trust in him to safe guard the integrity of the coaching work and to make all decisions about the future direction and strategy for the coordinated growth of Radical Forgiveness worldwide.

Godfrey holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the prestigious Henley on Themes Business School in the United Kingdom and is currently completing a Doctorate. He is an International Executive Coach for the last 17 years and Corporate strategist.

Godfrey’s deep passion for Radical Forgiveness work and his love for healing work, people and their journey’s, speaks volumes to his contribution in this field.

 Learn more about Radical Forgiveness on the Radical Forgiveness Website.

Featured Guest Muss Hernandez

Founder of Lumina por Muss Hernandez

Lumina Counselor, Radical Forgiveness Master Coach & Spanish Trainer for the Institute

Visit Muss at and learn more about her service to the Latin American community at Lumina por Muss Hernandez on Facebook.

Featured Guest Jean Berry

Founder of Jean Berry Presents

Creative Explorer, Game Development Coach

Visit Jean at Jean Berry Presents.Com and find out how to have more play in your business. You can also find her at Jean Berry Presents on Facebook .

Featured Guest Odette Peek 

Founder of Odette

Impact Builder – Turning Entrepreneurs into Speakers with their Soul Story

Be sure to visit Odette at and connect with her at Odette Peek on Facebook

Featured Guest Jeffrey Eisen

Founder of Awakening the Self – The Journey of Self Discovery

Spiritual Life Coach, Channeler, Energy Intuitive and Teacher 

Visit Jeffrey’s website, Awakening the Self and be inspired at Jeffrey Eisen Coaching on Facebook.

Featured Guest Kerri Hummingbird

Founder of Kerri

Soul Guide & International Best Selling Author

Learn more about Kerri and her best selling books at and find her at Kerri Hummingbird.Sami on Facebook

Featured Guest Ana Holub

Founder of Clear Path to Peace

Radical Forgiveness Master Coach, Addictions Recovery Counselor, Author, Poet and Educator

Visit Ana at Ana and drop by to learn more and be inspired at Ana Holub Forgiveness on Facebook

Featured Guest Moira Bush

Founder of Moira

Facebook TV Host of The Magenta Show, Author and Educator

Visit Moira at Moira and follow her inspiring shows at Moira Bush on Facebook

Featured Guest Brenda MacIntyre

Founder of Medicine Song Woman

Juno Award-winning Singer and Author of the Medicine Song Oracle Cards™

Learn more about Brenda at Medicine Song and follow her at Medicine Song Woman on Facebook.

Featured Guest Helen Valleau

Spiritual Director of the Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto

Minister, Speaker, Teacher, Coach, Certified Heart Math Trainer and Supervising Teacher for Hoffman Institute Canada

Visit Helen at the Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto – CSL Toronto and drop by to learn more and be inspired at the CSL Toronto on Facebook.

Featured Guest Essence Turner

Founder of Beautiful Happy Goddess

Radical Forgiveness Coach & Energy Healer

Visit Essence at and and follow her at Ms Essence Turner on Facebook

Featured Guest Tiffany Tin

Founder of My Inner Temple

International Spiritual Healer

Visit Tiffany at and drop by to learn more and be inspired at My Inner Temple on Facebook.

Origins of Forgiveness with Michael RyceBonus Guest Interview with Dr. Michael Ryce

Learn the Origins of Forgiveness

World Renowned Lecturer and Teacher on Health and Healing

Visit Michael at 



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